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Land Rover Catalytic Converter

If your muffler has ever fallen off your vehicle while driving, you may have heard a loud sound that seemed too powerful to come from an un-muffled engine. You probably found out that the reason for the extreme volume was the loss of your Land Rover catalytic converter. Furthermore, you likely suffered from sticker shock when you discovered how much it would be to replace your Land Rover catalytic converter. The Land Rover catalytic converter is part of your vehicle's exhaust system, located inside an enlarged section of your exhaust pipe. Other than contributing to the silencing properties of your muffler, the Land Rover catalytic converter plays another important part in the removal of your engine exhaust. The primary function of your Land Rover catalytic converter is to convert the harmful emissions generated by your engine into harmless molecules of water vapor and carbon dioxide. The honeycomb-shaped Land Rover catalytic converter accomplishes this by creating a reaction with the special metals embedded inside it, which includes platinum. The platinum component of your Land Rover catalytic converter is what makes this part so expensive. However, without a functioning Land Rover catalytic converter, you will not only be harming the environment, but you will also not pass your emissions test at inspection time. Browse our extensive online catalogue for a lower priced Land Rover catalytic converter, and have your new part shipped right to your door. You will not only save on installation expenses when you order a new Land Rover catalytic converter from us, you will also save yourself a trip to the auto parts store. Enjoy your choice of convenient ordering through our secure online server or toll-free service number.