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Land Rover Cooling Fan HUB

Your Land Rover cooling fan is an essential part of your vehicle's cooling system, but did you know that you can modify your radiator fan to increase your vehicle's efficiency and horsepower? The Land Rover cooling fan works to lower the temperature of the super-heated coolant flowing through your radiator as well as remove extra heat from your engine. The motion of your vehicle alone is not enough to cool your hard-working engine, so your Land Rover cooling fan turns on when the temperature reaches a certain point to help cool things down. Your Land Rover cooling fan is powered by either an electric motor or a fan clutch. If your vehicle uses a fan clutch to operate your Land Rover cooling fan, it is driven by a belt that runs off your engine. Like other belt-driven accessories, the fan clutch siphons power from your engine when it operates. You can free up horsepower in your engine by replacing a fan clutch with an electric motor to power your Land Rover cooling fan. Other benefits to using an electric motor include reduced fan noise, better gas mileage, less wear on the water pump, and improved A/C output. If your Land Rover cooling fan already runs with an electric motor, you can improve your cooling efficiency by upgrading to a high performance Land Rover cooling fan with larger blades that create greater air flow and use less power to operate. Browse our extensive and easy-to-navigate online catalogue for a wide selection of Land Rover cooling fans that match your vehicle's make and model. Your new Land Rover cooling fan will be shipped right to your door.

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