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Land Rover Driveshaft

Are you familiar with your Land Rover driveshaft? The Land Rover driveshaft is a critical part of your vehicle. The function of the Land Rover driveshaft is to transfer the rotary motion of the power train to the differential and drive axles. In addition to power transfer, your Land Rover drive shaft has to be able to coincide with the up-and-down motion of your rear axle, no matter what highs and lows you hit on the road. If your vehicle is front-wheel drive, you will have two Land Rover driveshafts commonly known as half shafts. In rear-wheel drive vehicles, there is often a longer Land Rover driveshaft that is used to send power to the back of the vehicle. There are two common forms used for Land Rover driveshafts in modern vehicles. The Land Rover driveshaft known as the Hotchkiss drive has two or more joints, while the torque tube form utilizes a single universal joint. There are also specialized Land Rover driveshafts known as "slip in tube" driveshafts. The slip in tube model was designed to assist in crash energy management. During a collision, your slip in tube Land Rover driveshaft has the capacity to compress or collapse, which minimizes the damage to your vehicle as well as its occupants. If your Land Rover driveshaft fails, the basic result is that your vehicle will no longer move. Of course, you will need to replace a broken Land Rover driveshaft immediately in order to continue driving your vehicle. You can find the Land Rover driveshaft you need in our extensive online catalogue. When you take advantage of our convenient ordering options through our secure online server or toll-free service number, we'll ship your Land Rover driveshaft right to your door.