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Land Rover EGR Valve

The Land Rover EGR valve serves two functions in your engine, as part of both the emissions and the ignition system. If you have an older model vehicle, it probably uses a mechanical Land Rover EGR valve. For newer vehicles, the Land Rover EGR valve is controlled electronically. Typically, you will find your Land Rover EGR valve located on the intake manifold. The Land Rover EGR valve opens and closes to permit a regulated amount of exhaust gasses back into the engine. With the controlled release of exhaust, your Land Rover EGR valve serves to reduce unwanted engine emissions as well as engine knock. If your Land Rover EGR valve is not functioning properly, a failed emissions test can be one consequence, but this should be the least of your concerns. Your Land Rover EGR valve contributes to the fuel economy of your engine as well as exhaust control, and with rising gas prices you will want to do all you can to improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency. This means replacing your faulty Land Rover EGR valve as soon as possible. Some of the symptoms of a faulty Land Rover EGR valve include reduced performance, engine knock, and excessive emissions, which are generally discovered at inspection time. Fortunately, your Land Rover EGR valve is easy to replace. We make it even easier by providing a full range of Land Rover EGR valves in our extensive online catalogue. With our convenient ordering options, you can place your order for a new Land Rover EGR valve by calling our toll-free customer service number or using our secure online server, and your new part will be shipped right to your door.