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Land Rover Exhaust System

Your vehicle's undercarriage is dominated by your Land Rover exhaust system. The Land Rover exhaust system consists of one or more mufflers, exhaust pipes, a catalytic converter, and tuned resonators. There are two main functions of your Land Rover exhaust system. The job generally handled by the mufflers and resonators is the reduction of engine noise. If you have ever heard a vehicle running with a damaged or missing muffler, you know how loud a running engine can be. The Land Rover exhaust system allows quiet operation of your vehicle, which is comforting to you and your passengers as well as a courtesy to other drivers on the road. The other function of your Land Rover exhaust is to collect the emissions from your engine as it burns fuel and transport exhaust gases to the rear of your vehicle and out through the tailpipe. The main component of your Land Rover exhaust involved in emissions control is the catalytic converter, which is a specialized filter that converts harmful emissions into environmentally safe molecules of water vapor and carbon dioxide. It is often easy to tell when you have a problem with your Land Rover exhaust. Damage to your muffler will result in extreme engine noise. If the clamps holding your Land Rover exhaust system against your undercarriage are rusted or corroded, you will certainly notice your muffler and tailpipe dragging on the ground. Signs of a failed catalytic converter include a rotten-egg smell from your exhaust and failure to pass an emissions test. Browse our online catalogue for a complete line of replacement Land Rover exhaust parts. When you take advantage of our convenient ordering options through our secure online server or toll-free service number, your Land Rover exhaust components will be shipped right to your door.