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Land Rover Fan Blade

An overheating engine is the last thing anyone wants while on the road. Land Rover fan blades represent an important part of your vehicle's cooling system. Your Land Rover fan blades work to prevent overheating by drawing cool air into your engine and forcing it through your radiator to lower the temperature of your coolant. The slightly curved surface of the Land Rover fan blade is responsible for capturing and moving air. A typical cooling fan will have four or more Land Rover fan blades that spin rapidly when your fan motor or fan clutch is engaged, and a bit slower while the motor or fan clutch is off but your vehicle is still moving. Land Rover fan blades contribute to the efficiency of your engine by only working through the fan clutch or motor when necessary. Sensors in your engine monitor the temperature of the coolant, and when the temperatures rises too high, the electric motor or fan clutch starts spinning your Land Rover fan blades. You may notice that your Land Rover fan blades rotate less often in the winter, and more often in the summer or when you are stuck in traffic. While your vehicle is stopped and idling for long periods, your Land Rover fan blades will likely be in constant motion to ensure your engine does not overheat. Proper care and maintenance of your Land Rover fan blades is essential if you want to avoid expensive complications caused by an overheating engine. When you need new Land Rover fan blades, you will find the part that fits your vehicle's make and model in our vast online catalogue.