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Land Rover Fuel Tank

High on the list of tough, rugged vehicle components is your Land Rover fuel tank. Your Land Rover is a big vehicle, so you need a big Land Rover fuel tank to power it. The Land Rover fuel tank is constructed of heavy-duty metal, and held onto the underside of your vehicle with strong metal braces. The inside of your Land Rover fuel tank is coated with a rust-resistant lining that is formulated to last for quite a while. Since your Land Rover fuel tank is constantly filled with corrosive gasoline, this lining is crucial in protecting the metal of your tank from rust or weakening. Within your Land Rover fuel tank is your fuel pump, the electric motor that moves gasoline through your vehicle's fuel injection system. The fuel carried in your Land Rover fuel tank serves as a coolant that keeps your fuel pump from overheating. Despite the durability of the lining inside your Land Rover fuel tank, it will eventually wear down over time. When this happens, rust forms along the interior walls of the Land Rover fuel tank. The rust flakes off and creates sediment or sludge that settles in the bottom of the tank when your vehicle is at rest, and circulates through the fuel supply while your engine is running. In addition to sediment formation, rust in the Land Rover fuel tank will eventually eat through your exterior walls as well, causing holes and leaks. Many people are tempted to ignore leaks in a Land Rover gas tank that occur high on the tank, as it is possible to simply keep the tank half-full at all times. However, a leaking Land Rover gas tank should be replaced as soon as possible. Order your new Land Rover gas tank from our convenient online catalogue.