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Land Rover Oil Filter

Your engine oil plays so many critical functions in your vehicle that it would be ridiculous not to maintain your Land Rover oil filter. Engine oil serves to lubricate all the moving parts in your engine, as well as assist in the all-important cooling function your engine needs to operate safely without the damage caused by overheating. The function of your Land Rover oil filter is to ensure that your engine oil remains clean and free of contaminants, so that it can do its job longer. The Land Rover oil filter consists of a cylindrical metal housing that is filled with a paper filter medium. The engine oil travels through the Land Rover oil filter, and contaminants are trapped inside the paper filter before the oil moves on to your engine. Many Land Rover oil filters are equipped with an internal bypass. When the paper medium becomes clogged and saturated, the internal bypass acts to block oil from passing through the filter. This means that dirty oil is circulating through your engine, because as far as your engine is concerned, oil laced with contaminants is better than no oil at all. For this reason, it is important to change your oil according to the manufacturer's recommended intervals, and change your Land Rover oil filter with each oil change. When you are ready to replace your Land Rover oil filter, browse our extensive online catalogue for the filter that fits your vehicle's make and model. You can also pick up the necessary quarts of oil and replacement drain plug you may need to complete your oil change along with your Land Rover oil filter.