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Land Rover Oil Pan

Your Land Rover oil pan is located at the bottom of your engine. The Land Rover oil pan is used to hold your engine's oil as it drains from the crankcase. In general, your Land Rover oil pan is made of steel or aluminum. The typical Land Rover oil pan can hold between three and ten quarts of oil, depending on the size of your engine and the lubrication needed to supply all of your moving parts. At the bottom of the Land Rover oil pan is a drain plug. Some drain plugs on Land Rover oil pans are fitted with a strong magnet. The job of the magnet is to attract and hold the metal filings or rust flakes that may find their way into your engine's oil. An oil filter serves to remove the remaining contaminants from your oil supply, allowing only clean oil to circulate through your engine. Your Land Rover oil pan becomes deeper the further back it goes. This inclined shape is in place to allow for easier oil changes. The oil runs down the slope of the Land Rover oil pan toward the drain plug hole at the bottom, which allows you to remove as much of the dirty oil as possible before replacing it with fresh oil. Unfortunately, the Land Rover oil pan is one of the most common sources of engine oil leaks. This is usually due to a stripped or misaligned drain plug, or a worn washer that forms part of the seal to the drain plug. If your drain plug hole is stripped or worn, you should replace your Land Rover oil pan to prevent messy and expensive leaks. Check out our extensive online catalogue to find the Land Rover oil pan that fits your vehicle's make and model.