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Land Rover Shock Absorber And Strut Assembly

Although Land Rover shocks are available in different types, they are generally constructed with the same basic components, which include the damper and the piston. These parts allow Land Rover shocks to perform their basic function, which is to absorb the force of the energy received by the wheels as they travel over varying terrains. The damper achieves this by dissipating the energy using counter resistance, controlling the motion of the springs, which first take on the force created by traveling over bumps and uneven surfaces. There several different types of Land Rover shocks available, among them are the adjustable and the direct-acting, or telescopic, shocks. Adjustable Land Rover shocks can have their tension adjusted either manually or automatically via computer sensor which detects the condition of the road and adjusts itself accordingly to your vehicle's specific suspension needs from moment to moment. The direct-acting, or telescoping, Land Rover shocks are the most common set of shocks, and make use of a simple system that includes the damper, rod and piston. Whether you seek conventionally simple, direct-acting shocks, or the more advanced high-tech adjustable shocks, our online catalog carries these Land Rover shocks, and many others that fall in-between the two types, including custom sized types, meant for vehicles that have had lift kits installed or have been lowered in the west coast low-rider styles. Once you have located the Land Rover shocks that would best suit your needs, you may place your order either on our encrypted ordering site, or by phone with one of our customer service specialists. Ground shipping on orders of $50 and up is free, and our order processing center will quickly handle your order so that you won't have to wait long between placing your order with us and receiving your Land Rover shocks directly at your home.