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Lexus A/C Condenser

If your luxury sedan is beginning to feel more like an oven on hot summer days, perhaps your Lexus AC condenser is causing the problem. The Lexus AC condenser is a component in the air-conditioning system of your vehicle that is located at the front of the engine compartment, between the radiator and the grille. Its function is to disperse the heat collected in the refrigerant as it passes through the system to provide cold air for the cabin. The Lexus AC condenser does this by passing the refrigerant through a long tube that winds its way through a network of tiny cooling fins. The air generated from the fan and the breeze as the vehicle moves cools the refrigerant as it passes through, to emerge on the end of this winding path cold once again and ready to travel on to the evaporator where it will chill the cabin air. This cycle is repeated with the refrigerant passing through this circuit over and over again as long as the air-conditioning system is turned on in your vehicle. While the position of the Lexus AC condenser is to its best advantage for cooling purposes, it is more vulnerable to damage than other components. Found just behind the grille, Lexus AC condenser can easily be struck by rocks and debris through the grille openings. During inclement weather, it is exposed to moisture streaming in from rain and snow. Weakened areas in the Lexus AC condenser caused by this type of damage can give way to form leaks, which affect the efficiency of the system as it loses refrigerant. We offer a selection of the Lexus AC condenser in our online catalog at great prices. Ordering your Lexus AC condenser will be quick and easy, whether using our secure site or our toll-free phone line.