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Lexus GS400 Side Marker Lights

Investigating the Causes of Faulty Lexus GS400 Side Marker Lights

There comes a time in a man's life when he just wants to show off what he has; a sexy girlfriend, a built body, or a hot car. During this time, a man would do everything to highlight this new thing-which is why we have the side marker lights. Aside from its safety features, the side marker lights attract attention. Admit it; the attention is one of the main reasons (if not the main) why you bought Lexus GS400 side marker lights. However, the lights can break or fail just like any other part in your car; soon enough the lights will go out. To help you out when these times come, we discussed the common reasons why the lights fail to light up.

Faulty electrical wirings

When diagnosing a side marker light problem, a lot of car owners often overlook the electrical wirings and fuses in the assembly. How the wirings are connected is the first thing you should check especially if you bought a second-hand car. In most cases, the front side marker lights should connected to the turn signal or flasher fuse, not the rear side marker fuse. The correct set-up would be: the rear side markers are off unless you turn the running lights on, and the fender lights are off until you turn the signal light on.

Snapped or cut wires

Other than a faulty set-up, the side marker lights can also fail if there are snapped or cut wires. The case of cut wires is common because the way the assembly is set up makes it very prone for the wires to snap, while insects or rodents seem to have an appetite for wires.

Burnt bulbs

Side marker light bulbs usually last for one to two years, depending on how often you use them. If there is nothing wrong with electrical connections, then you likely have a burnt bulb.

Wrong bulbs

One may think that any kind of bulb can be installed on the side marker lights. However, you should know that some set-ups need a single filament bulb, while some require dual-filament bulbs. If nothing is wrong with the wires and the bulb is new, then you may have purchased an incompatible bulb for the set-up.

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  • Caring for Your Lexus GS400 Side Marker Lights

    Do you know why side marker lights were invented? If you ask us, we'd say that the inventor was probably thinking somewhere between road safety and a way to get attention. It's true; your Lexus GS400 side marker lights do a decent job in letting other cars know that you're parked there or driving through. But it is equally true that side marker lights can turn a few heads to your direction. Regardless the reason, you should know that the side marker lights need to be taken care of like any other car part; here are a few ways how:

    Get the right bulbs

    The side marker light assembly is not an any-bulb-would-do assembly; some light set-ups would require a single filament bulb, while others require dual-filaments. We recommend that, before you replace the stock bulbs of your Lexus GS400 side marker lights, you should check the specs of the assembly. Other than possibly producing a dimmer light, getting the wrong bulb can be harmful to the set-up because it can cause the wirings to short.

    Replace the bulbs once a year

    Bulbs on side marker light assemblies usually last for a year; some can last for two years but it all depends on how often you use the lights. However, we think that a year is the optimal service life for the bulb. We recommend that you replace the bulbs after such time to keep the side marker lights bright. This can also prevent bigger damage in your assembly such as burnt bulbs that can harm the electrical connections.

    Check the wires regularly

    Although the wirings of the assembly are well-hidden inside the car assembly, they aren't safe from being cut, snapped, or eaten by insects or rodents. We advise that you take a look at the wires at least once a year to make sure that everything is fine; replace the wires that are in a bad condition as soon as possible.

    Use it only when necessary

    We stress that side marker lights are there for road safety, most especially during the night. If you are driving on broad daylight or on the streets of the brightest city in the world, then it may be best to turn off the lights.