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Lexus IS300 Side Marker Lights

Lexus IS300 Side Marker Lights: Common Problems and Practical Solutions

Unlike most cars, SUVs, and trucks, where the side marker lights are located on the fenders near the front doors, the side marker lights of some Lexus IS300 models are found on the sides of the bumper, near the wheels. (Other Lexus IS300 models have side marker lights both on the bumpers and on the front fenders.) If you are having trouble with your Lexus IS300 side marker lights regardless of what model you own, here are some practical solutions that will really come in handy:

Cannot access side marker lights

Accessing the side marker lights is fairly easy. Whether the marker lights are located on the fenders or on the bumpers, you need to remove the wheels and the fender liner. Remove the sockets that hold the liner in place and pull the liner back to gain full access to the back side of the side marker lights. Once you can reach the lights, you can start whatever work you want to perform with them. Note: The rear bumper doesn't have a bumper liner.

Side marker lights not working

There are three possible reasons why your side marker lights are not working. First, your fuse is blown. Second, your lights are busted. Third, there is a problem with the wiring. Before working underneath the car, check the fuse box and locate the turn signal light fuse. If it is blown, replace it with a new one. If the fuse is blown, all your signal lights won't work. If side marker lights are busted, the other turn signal lights should be working. If the hazard switch is on and all, but the side marker lights are not working, it is either busted or there is a problem with the wiring. Access the side marker lights as explained above. Check the wiring using a voltmeter. Remove the bulb and test the socket for electric current. Check the bulb if busted. Repair the wires or replace the bulbs. This procedure applies whether you are working on the side marker lights on the fenders or on either of the bumpers.

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  • Lexus IS300 Side Marker Lights Care and Replacement Tips

    Lateral lights such as the side marker lights are an important element of your car-so important that it is unlawful to drive a vehicle without one. These side-facing lights seem inconsequential, but it plays an important role in safety. Side marker lights make the vehicle visible and signal other drivers about your position and direction on the road. If you are driving a Lexus IS300, side marker lights are either located on the bumpers of on the fenders, depending on the year model of your car. Rear marker lights are reflectorized while front marker lights act either as reflectors or supplementary turn signal lights.

    Care tips

    Clean side marker lights regularly.

    As with other lights in your vehicle, the side marker lights wear out and fade. If you see that your side marker lights are beginning to show signs of weathering, clean it thoroughly. Sometimes, you need to use rubbing compound to remove oxidation from the lens. For ordinary days, water, soap, and towel will do the job.

    Clean the edges of the side corner lights.

    Over time, dirt and grime build up on the edge of the corner light, because this area of the vehicle is rarely touched and rarely dried up after car wash. Left unchecked, dirt will build up, making it hard for you to remove it with the usual cleaning technique. What you should do in this situation is to apply wax around the edge of each side corner light to remove any dirt that has built up. Wipe the area with a rug to completely remove the dirt.

    Replacement tips

    If the side marker lights of your Lexus IS300 are broken or missing, replace them right away. To do this, remove the bolts that hold the assembly in place.

    You have to remove the fender guard before you can access the bolts. Unscrew the bolts of the fender guard and pull it away so that you can see the reverse side of the light assembly.

    Clean the area of the bumper or fender first before installing a new side marker light.