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Lexus RX300 Side Marker Lights

Reasons Why Your Lexus RX300 Side Marker Lights Fail

Your Lexus RX300 side marker lights protect you by increasing your vehicle's visibility. However, just like any other light in your vehicle, they will eventually get worn out and need replacement. To avoid getting pulled over, repair or replace your side marker lights once they become much dimmer or stopped working completely. Here are some of the common problems with your Lexus RX300 side marker lights:

Burned-out bulbs

Burned-out bulbs are among the most familiar causes of side marker light failure. If one of your side marker lights stops working, pry off the lens of the faulty light and check the bulb. If the bulb is too worn out or has a broken filament, then it will have to be replaced.

Loose or corroded bulb sockets, wires, or terminals

If your side marker lights are working intermittently, then you might have loose wiring connections or corroded components. Examine all the wires and electric terminals that are connected to your side marker lights and tighten or secure them as needed. Check for any signs of corrosion on your bulb sockets, wires, and electric terminals as well. Clean these parts of your side marker light assembly and make sure that they are free of rust and other debris.

Blown fuse

A telltale sign that your RX300 has a blown fuse is the simultaneous failure of more than one of your side marker lights, tail lights, and other auxiliary lights. Refer to your vehicle's service manual for your faulty side marker lights' corresponding fuse and see if it is damaged. When replacing the blown fuse, make sure to get one with the same amperage; you can also use your service manual to find out which type of fuse to get.

Other troubleshooting tips

You can also check for low voltage or poor ground at the electrical connectors and the bulb sockets to see if the right amount of voltage is being supplied to your side marker lights to keep them working flawlessly. A faulty light switch can also be the culprit behind inoperative side marker lights, so make sure to check for a bad switch as well.

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  • Tips to Keep Your Lexus RX300 Side Marker Lights in Good Working Condition

    Fully functional side marker lights are required whenever you take your car out on the streets. To make sure that your Lexus RX300 side marker lights are always good to go, follow these few simple tips:

    Regularly check your light bulbs for damaged filaments.

    To avoid getting a ticket for non-working side marker lights, always check your side marker light bulbs. A broken filament in one of your side marker light bulbs can result to intermittent functioning at first and eventually, to a completely blown bulb.

    Keep your light bulb sockets, wires, and electric terminals free of rust.

    Corrosion is a major problem for most components of your vehicle including your side marker lights' bulb sockets, wires, and electric terminals. Buildup of rust in these parts can interfere with the passage of voltage to your lights. Use a piece of cloth, some rust remover, and a wire brush to remove the rust from the sockets, wires, and terminals.

    Clean the lenses of your side marker lights on a regular basis.

    Just as scratched or clouded headlight lenses can hamper your forward vision, damaged side marker light lenses can reduce your vehicle's visibility. Clean your side marker light lenses from the inside out to make sure that they don't dim the light from your bulbs. You can also remove small scratches from the lenses by rubbing some plain white toothpaste on them.

    Secure your wiring connections.

    Always make sure that the wires are properly connected to the sockets and the terminals to guarantee that your side marker lights are working at all times. Refer to your RX300's service manual to verify the proper way of wiring your side marker lights.

    Be careful when prying off your side marker lights' housing or lenses.

    Whether you are replacing the bulbs, cleaning the lenses, or removing rust from the bulb sockets, don't forget to take extra care when removing the lenses. Apart from damaging your car's paint, you might also break the fragile mounting studs that secure the lenses of the side marker lights to your vehicle.