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Lexus SC300 Fuel Tank Cap

Finding Out Reasons for Your Lexus Sc300 Fuel Tank Cap Failure

Often a neglected component in your Lexus Sc300, the fuel tank cap is only given the attention it deserves once issues with it become apparent. Its importance is overlooked because most car owners fail to see the bigger picture-that without a well-conditioned fuel tank cap, your automobile could suffer from significant loss of fuel up to poor engine performance. So before you go straight to checking complex systems in your vehicle to trace down why your car seems inefficient, go over this simple part and find out if it is the cause of such problems. Here are the common reasons for your Lexus Sc300 fuel tank cap failure:


A strong smell of gas could be an indication of leaks in your fuel tank. Check your fuel tank cap if it is properly sealed. You need to take it off and put it on again with just the right amount of tightness. If you are finding it difficult to seat the cap securely, it might already be damaged due to age. Cracks may be present as well. Simply replace it if this is the case.

Damaged gasket

If you notice a significant decrease of fuel in your tank and you have not changed the way you drive your car, you might want to check your fuel tank cap for a defective gasket. Examine the gasket if it is properly screwed. If it is not, then you have your culprit right there. Sometimes, cracks or cuts could also be found on the gasket's surface, which can eventually cause the fuel inside the tank to evaporate at a rapid pace. You would have to replace the damaged gasket as soon as you can. If the gasket seems hardened, you can simply apply lubricating grease on its surface. However, this quick fix is not meant to be a permanent one. Eventually, you would have to replace your worn-out gasket.

Dirt or corrosion

When you inspect the interior of your fuel tank cap, you may find orange, sticky substances, which are indicative of dirt or corrosion that has formed because of fuel residue. You can simply clean them off with lacquer thinner.

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  • Taking Care of Your Lexus Sc300 Fuel Tank Cap

    Your Lexus Sc300 fuel tank cap may not be part of the engine system or whatever mechanism that ensures a smooth and comfortable ride. It does not even contribute to the improvement of your coupe's performance on the road. But despite its very simple function, your fuel tank cap proves to be an essential component-a fact commonly disregarded by many drivers. They only recognize their mistake once their tank caps become defective, which eventually affects the efficiency of their cars. So before it's too late, show your care for your Lexus Sc300 fuel tank cap and follow these tips:

    Keep it clean.

    Your fuel tank cap can be very much exposed to dirt or other contaminants, which could have formed due to the accumulation of fuel residue. When these substances are left on the cap, they can contaminate the fuel inside the tank. To prevent such incident, clean your fuel tank cap by spraying petroleum-based lube over its screwing mechanism. Wipe away dirt thoroughly. It would be best to apply silicone-based spray lube on the cap as well to protect the cap from wearing too quickly.

    Check if it is properly sealed.

    Make sure that your fuel tank cap is properly placed and sealed. Incorrect placement and sealing could cause a powerful smell of gasoline to come out from the tank, which could lead you to feel intolerable discomfort. To ensure that your tank cap is in a correct position, carefully take it off and then put it back on tightly.

    Check for leaks especially along the fuel lines and trace where they are coming from. Look for cracks or any physical damage especially on the fuel tank cap.

    Inspect the gasket.

    Examine the gasket for any damage such as cracks or corrosion. Make sure that it is properly screwed as well. A defective gasket allows fuel to quickly evaporate from the tank, which results into a significant decrease in fuel efficiency. Because of this condition, your Lexus Sc300 fails to operate at its maximum potential. The loss of fuel may also cause you to spend more on gas since most of it is just wasted away. To avoid bigger expenses, replace your gasket immediately.