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Lotus Super Seven Parts and Lotus Super Seven Accessories

Technically, Lotus doesn't own the rights to the Lotus Super Seven. How is that even possible, you ask?Well, it's because the Super Seven isn't even a Lotus car. It's a model that's manufactured by Caterham (that's why the Super Seven is also known as the Caterham 7). Caterham bought the rights for the Lotus Seven, the car in which the Super Seven was derived from, after Lotus decided to discontinue the model.It's quite fortunate that Caterham did that so the next generation of performance car enthusiasts can experience what the Lotus Seven was all about via the Super Seven.

The Lotus Super Seven is what you may call the "evolved version" of the Lotus Seven. The Super Seven is largely based from the original Lotus automobile that was designed way back in the 50s by Lotus founder Anthony Chapman. The Super Seven retained the Seven's trademark lightweight frame, which was one of the main reasons why the original was such a successful race car back in the day. When the Super Seven was first released in 1973, it pretty much was the same as the old Lotus 7, save for a few modifications. But as time went on, the Super Seven gradually came into its own. There eventually came new Lotus Super Seven parts that enhanced performance even more. The original concept remains unchanged up to this day though.

At present, the Lotus Super Seven is being offered by Caterham in several different variants. There's the Classic model, the Roadsport model, the Academy model, the Supersport model, and the various specialized high-performance models. Basically, Caterham offers several ways to experience the impressive Lotus Seven. Again, race enthusiasts should be thankful for Caterham for bringing one of the most iconic race cars of all time into the 21st century.