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Mercedes Benz A/C Condenser

If the ride in your Mercedes is starting to feel as hot and sticky as a city bus on a summer day, it may be time to replace your Mercedes AC condenser. If your air conditioning system is no longer providing the cold air it should, chances are there is a leak in one of its components, letting the refrigerant that keeps your vehicle cool escape, making the system unable to perform efficiently. The Mercedes AC condenser is a component that is vulnerable to such problems over time, perhaps more than others, because of its placement in the vehicle. In order for the Mercedes AC condenser to perform its function, it needs access to the airflow of the fan, and that from the motion of the vehicle as well. For this reason, the Mercedes AC condenser is mounted at the front of the vehicle, between the radiator and the grille where it uses the flow of air to remove the heat that the refrigerant has collected as it cooled the air of the cabin, by passing it through a long tube that twists and turns through a network of little cooling fins. While this placement is very good for the cooling process, it leaves the Mercedes AC condenser in the path of rocks and road debris that can strike it through the openings in the grille, and the moisture that streams in from rain or snow, making corrosion possible. These areas of corrosion can weaken the Mercedes AC condenser, eventually causing a leak. If you need a replacement for your Mercedes AC condenser, we have a selection available in our online catalog at great low prices. Our excellent customer service will make ordering your Mercedes AC condenser quick and efficient, whether you use our toll-free phone line, or our secure site.