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Mercedes Benz C220 Abs Speed Sensor

Common Causes of Problems with the Mercedes Benz C220 ABS Speed Sensor

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) is the one responsible in controlling your Mercedes Benz C220's braking ability under various driving conditions. An important part of this system is the ABS speed sensor that monitors your tires and makes sure that each wheel is properly rotating. It keeps the on-board computer (OBC) or the control module (ECM) updated on every moment of the car. It may be performing a simple task but this component could end up affecting not only your ABS system but also the transmission, speedometer, power steering, and cruise control. That's why it's important to keep yourself aware of what causes problems in your ABS speed sensors so you can fix the problem before it gets worse.

Incorrect output

If your car's computer shows incorrect output, this could be caused by a dirty sensor probe. This problem with a dirty sensor probe can be easily solved by cleaning it off with a rag and a good quality contact cleaner. If the ABS sensor is working but the output is still incorrect, then you may have a problem with a break or a short in the sensor's wires. The problem is most likely near the sensor because that part is the circuit's dirtiest area.

Reading is too high or too low

When you are testing your sensors and the reading displays too high or too low results, act on it immediately. A reading that shows "O.L." or displays resistance that is higher than what's normal indicates that the internal circuit is electrically open. If the reading shows zero Ohms or is lower than it's supposed to be, then that means you have a shorted internal circuit. If you get these results from your sensor tests, it would be best to go for a replacement.

Disabled traction

If your ABS speed sensor disables your car's traction and stability control systems, this could be caused by a wiring problem or terminal corrosion. Sometimes it can also result to abnormal breaking that can be easily noticed at slow speeds. These problems are usually the result of a failure in the interaction between the traction control system and the anti-lock brake system module.

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  • Helpful Tips to Keep Your Mercedes Benz C220 Abs Speed Sensor in Good Condition

    Your Mercedes Benz C220's on-board computer (OBC) or electronic control module (ECM) is always updated on what's going on with your vehicle at any given moment because of the ABS speed sensor. This component lets your car's computer know about your current speed on the road. Hence, a defective ABS speed sensor will affect the way your car operates and cause problems with the cruise control, power steering, transmission, and the ABS itself. To avoid these problems, keep your ABS speed sensor in good condition. Here are a few tips on the proper maintenance of your car's sensor.

    • Test your sensor
    • Find out if you have a faulty sensor by doing simple tests. You can do these tests on your own without professional assistance or any expensive equipment because it's a relatively simple process. If you have a reluctance-type sensor, you will have to test its reluctance by using an Ohmmeter. An infinite reading indicates that there is no electricity passing through. You may also test the integrity of the sensor's circuit to check for an open winding. Aside from the Ohmmeter, you may also use a scan tool set for a data stream. This scan too will help you monitor the sensor's signal while the vehicle is running.
    • Always clean the sensor wheel
    • An abnormal breaking behavior is usually caused by a dirty sensor. Avoid getting your sensor contaminated with metallic debris by cleaning them regularly every time you change the brake pads. The same thing applies if you notice a large air gap between the sensor tip and the tone ring. Aside from messing up the lights when the dirt builds up, this issue may also result to more serious problems with the ABS. Just make sure to use gloves when cleaning the sensors because most cleansers have the tendency to damage the sensors.
    • Inspection on repairs
    • If you're bringing your car to the auto repair shop and the repair process would require the wheel to be removed, make sure to have the mechanics do a thorough inspection on your ABS system because speed sensors can be easily damaged during some repair procedures.