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Mercedes Benz C230 Fog Lights

Diagnosing Problems with Your Mercedes Benz C230 Fog Lights-and Tips to Turn Things Around

Fog lights are a great investment to make your Mercedes Benz C230 a lot safer as you drive through even the harshest of weather conditions. You can't be too safe, really, and a clear sight of the way you are driving does wonders to ensure you get from point A to point B in the best shape. Fog lights are built to last-they're built to take a lot of punishment and come out unscathed. They're not entirely without their problems, though. Here are a few you are likely to come across on the road, and the little quick-fixes you can use to deal with them:

Dim lights

If you notice that your fog lights aren't giving off as bright a light as it used to, there are three things that need to be checked. The first is the lens itself. Often, diming is caused by scuffing or moisture formation on the lens. The second is the bulb-which may simply be reaching the end of its viable service life. The last thing to check will be the wiring of the fog lights themselves.

If the problem lies with the lens, then it's important that you clean it up, promptly. If the damage on the surface is too much, however, it's much more economical and time-saving just to replace it entirely. Additionally, if the culprit is moisture build-up, then it's advisable that you seal up the housing with a lot of water proof epoxy. Trouble with the bulb can be remedied first by tightening it if you suspect it's loose. Replacement is also an option with the bulb if tightening it doesn't improve the lighting situation. When it comes to wiring, it's always better to have a qualified mechanic look it over.

No lights

Normally, when the fog lights refuse to give light for no apparent reason and without warning, it's usually due to damage with the wiring again. If the electrical system is involved, you can attempt to repair the damage yourself. However, if you haven't a sufficient background in electrical wiring, it's much safer to bring the problem to a qualified mechanic.

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  • How to Keep Your Mercedes Benz C230 Fog Lights in Tip-top Shape

    The Mercedes Benz C230 is already a classy and reliable car as it is-and extremely safe too. With fog lights thrown into the mix, you raise the safety rating of an already reliable vehicle even higher. This is especially true at night and even with the worst weather conditions you can face. While fog lights are tough and generally built to last, they do require a lot of looking after to make sure that they are in the best shape for a long period of time. Fortunately, taking care of your fog lights is not too complicated-here are the few, simple ways you can do it:

    Seal it tight.

    The biggest hindrance to fog light longevity is water. No matter how rugged your fog lights are, they're still chockfull of electrical components and wiring that dislike water and getting wet. Granted, most fog lights are hermetically sealed to keep all the elements out, it doesn't hurt to check on them every so often. Look particularly at the edges where the fog light meets the assembly-these are the points that are most vulnerable to water intrusion. You can purchase and use weather-proof seals from the local hardware shop and apply it to these vulnerable points. If you are conscientious enough-doing this at least every quarter of the year-you fog lights should stay dry and functional.

    Clean it thoroughly.

    Most people don't realize that cleanliness is the simplest way to keep fog lights working well for a very long time. True, you probably manage to nick the lens with every car wash that you do-but it isn't enough. Once a year, at least, it will do you well to disassemble the entire fog light set-up and carefully clean the individual components. Unlike the lens, however, which you can douse in water and cleaner all you want, the other components should simply be wiped down with a clean rag. This prevents dirt from accumulating and eventually wearing down the different parts of the fog lights on your C230.