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Mercedes Benz CL55 Parts and Mercedes Benz CL55 Accessories

Fun Facts about the Mercedes Benz CL55

  • The Mercedes Benz CL55 model belongs to a line of personal luxury coupes that were produced from the year 2000 to 2006 by the German automaker. Dubbed as the Mercedes CL-CLass, these coupes were the successors to the 1980s SEC models. The Mercedes Benz CL55 was the high-performance version of the entry-level CL500 that was introduced in 2001. Some of its significant features inCLuded a sport-tuned suspension, a supercharger, and sportier body accents.

  • The CL-CLass line up was based on the flagship S-CLass sedan. But because of its name designation, the CL-CLass models inCLuding the Mercedes Benz CL55, are often confused with the C-CLass or CLK-CLass models.

  • The Mercedes Benz CL55 was supercharged in 2003 when the automaker decided to upgrade its engine options. According to Motor Trend, the supercharged Mercedes Benz CL55 was able to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4.27sec.

  • The Mercedes Benz CL55 is equipped with a supercharged 5.4-liter V-8 motor engine that has a 24-valve SOHC design, a 3.82-inch bore, and a 3.62-inch stroke. Aside from being mated to a five-speed automatic gearbox, this engine also produces 516 ft-lb of torque at 2,750 rpm and 493 horsepower at 6,100 rpm.

  • The CL55 AMG produces more horsepower and more ft-lb of torque than the CL500 coupe that's equipped with a naturally aspirated 5.0 L V-8 engine. Although it generates the same amount horsepower as the turbocharged V-12 powered CL600, the CL55 AMG produces 74 less ft-lb of torque than the CL600.

  • Because of its lighter weight that makes handling more nimble, both consumers and enthusiasts prefer the Mercedes Benz CL55 inspite of CL600's higher torque numbers.

  • Models from the Mercedes Benz CL-CLass inCLuding the CL55 have a passenger space of approximately 88.5 cubic feet and can accommodate four people and a luggage space in the trunk that measures around 12.3 cubic feet.

  • The Mercedes Benz CL55 has a high-tech feature called the PreSafe system. This system is capable of anticipating an impending accident. It prepares and protects the vehiCLe's passengers by automatically tightening the seatbelts and positioning the power seats before an accident occurs.

Mercedes Benz CL55 Articles

  • Causes behind the Common Problems with the Mercedes Benz CL55

    The CL55 is a luxury coupe that belongs to the top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz CL-CLass that was produced by the German automaker. Aside from its eye-catching five-spoke styling, the Mercedes Benz CL55 has also made great impressions for its performance. Although it has been considered as one of the finest coupes today, some consumers have reported problems that they have encountered with the Mercedes Benz CL55. Here are a few things to watch out for before buying a CL55.


    Car owners have reported problems that they have encountered with the suspension system of the Mercedes Benz CL55. Some consumers experienced a dropping left front suspension when the engine is turned off with the 2001 model. Some owners have also noticed that the 2005 Mercedes Benz CL55's body control light illuminates on the dashboard and the hydraulic pumps leaked. The same thing was experienced by some consumers with the 2005 model when a loud popping sound was heard and a large leak was spotted under the vehiCLe's engine the next day. These problems were caused by the body control system that leaks fluid from the hydraulic lines, tandem pump, struts, seals, and numerous different areas. This problem could lead to the vehiCLe dropping too low and causing damages to the undercarriage.


    Another problem area in the Mercedes Benz CL55 that was reported by the consumers is its engine. Due to a failed crankshaft position sensor, the CL55's engine tends to stall. At some instances, this problem also causes a no-start condition for the engine. Some car owners have also noticed that the engine cranks until the timeout but it doesn't start after getting parked in a hot spot for three hours. Other consumers also encountered oil leaking through the oil sensor or the sensor itself. Removing and replacing the lower oil pan usually solves this problem with the CL55's engine.

    Other issues

    Aside from the suspension system and engine issues, some owners of the Mercedes Benz CL55 have also experienced other minor problems. The CL55's side window glass can get easily delaminated and replacing the affected window glass could be the only way to solve this problem. Some consumers have also complained about a faulty door control module or actuator. Unlike the window glass, this problem can be fixed by an expert technician.