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Mercedes Benz E430 Bumper Trim

Troubles with Mercedes Benz E430 Bumper Trim

The Mercedes Benz E430 bumper trim, whether it is made of plastic, chrome, aluminum, rubber, or steel, is made to reduce the amount of damage to the bumper's finish. And while performing this duty, it gets damaged as it is exposed to all sorts of debris and changes in temperature and environment. Here are some common problems you may encounter with the bumper trims and the reasons behind each of them:


Because of its main purpose, the bumper trim gets most of the abuse that would otherwise have been directed to the bumper's finish. No matter which material your bumper trim is made of, scratches are simply inevitable wherever you drive or park. One careless move can cause a whole bunch of new scratches, especially on bumper trims made of softer materials such as rubber, plastic, and vinyl. A scratch deep enough in any of these surfaces will create the need to replace them altogether.

Discoloration or tarnishing

Plastic or rubber bumper trims, especially when black, can get discolored over time. This is because of the damaging UV rays of the sun, road dust, and changes in the environment. The rubber bumper trims are even more sensitive to UV rays and lose their color when not applied with a protective coating. The chrome bumper trims, on the other hand, will start to tarnish and turn dull over time when they are not polished and cleaned regularly.


Aluminum bumper trims are highly resistant to rust, but are still not rust-proof. In the case of chrome and steel bumper trims, a regular cleaning and polishing is necessary. Otherwise, rust and corrosion will surely develop. The dirt and grime that may build up in the crevices may contain salt from the road, and if left unattended, they will start eating away the metal and will also damage the plating.

Falling off

Some car owners are sometimes baffled when they notice that one or some, or even all, of their bumper trims are gone. This is the result of weakened adhesives. Since the bumper trims are exposed to heat and sunlight and, sometimes, even rainwater, the adhesives weaken and come to the point where they will no longer be able to hold the weight of the trims. Hence, they fall off.

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Mercedes Benz E430 Bumper Trim Available Years

  • Restoring Mercedes Benz E430 Bumper Trim

    The Mercedes Benz E430 bumper trim usually comes in black, primered, or chrome in color/finish and is usually made of stainless steel, chrome, billet aluminum, rubber or plastic. And since its main function is to minimize scratches and other damages to the bumper's finish, it is absolutely not safe from wear and tear. Here are some tips you can follow to restore the beauty of your vehicle's bumper trims.

    • Clean the bumper trims regularly.
    • If you have the plastic or vinyl bumper trims, you may use products such as GR-40 Trim Cleaner, Vinylex, or Maguiar's PlastX clear plastic cleaner. These are specifically designed for cleaning plastic and vinyl. And since these products are mostly sprays on, it is quite easy to wipe the excess off the surface afterwards.
    • Restore the bumper trim's color.
    • Bumper trims usually get discolored over time because of the kind of environment they are constantly exposed to. Harmful UV rays, heat, cold, and whatnot can take the color off of your bumper trims, especially when they are made of plastic and vinyl. But you can restore the color by using plastic dye. After cleaning the bumper trim, you can apply a generous amount of plastic dye and let it sit according to specified time. Wipe off the excess dye and let it dry overnight for best results. Spray it evenly with vinyl protectant to prevent future fading. This is because the vinyl protectant contains inhibitors that block out the harmful UV rays. And specifically for black plastic or vinyl trims, which are the most common, it is best to apply protectant 6 to 8 times annually.
    • Remove scratches from bumper trim.
    • As it shields the bumper's finish from scratches, the bumper trim catches most of them and suffers the consequences. To remove the scratches, you can use plastic scratch remover or metal polish, depending on which material your Mercedes Benz E430 bumper trim is made of. Just use a soft cloth to apply the product and buff the scratched surface by rubbing back and forth or in circular motion. Then let the product dry and wipe the surface clean. You can repeat the procedure on all other scratches you wish to remove.