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Mercedes Benz SL65 Parts and Mercedes Benz SL65 Accessories

Little-known Facts about the Mercedes Benz SL65

  • The "65" at the end of this Mercedes Benz model's name means that the vehicle is displaced by 650 liters. Other models by AMG adopt the same naming scheme, with the two digits at the end of each model's label indicating the number of liters of displacement, multiplied by 10. Mercedes Benz models use a similar method, but they use three digits instead of two.

  • The letters "S" and "L" in the alphanumeric nomenclature of this Benz unit stand for "Sport Leicht" in German, which, when tranSLated to English, means "Sports Lightweight." Mercedes Benz has been known to adopt such naming scheme since its first models. In the earlier coding system, "S" meant "Sonderklasse" or "special class," while "L" stood for two things: "Leicht" or "lightweight" for sporting models or "Lang" or "long-wheelbase" for sedan models.

  • Dubbed as the Mercedes Benz's mighty roadster, the SL65 model featured a special V-12 engine. Standing out among other Mercedes Benz SL65 parts, this powerful component puts the sports vehicle in limited-production. Road-lovers need not fret though, for AMG and Mercedes Benz, the manufacturers of SL65, are determined to keep the lineage alive by updating the breed each year, although this is still in limited production.

  • This mighty roadster is also a very speedy one. The most recent of its lineup was timed to reach 60 MPH in just 3.8 seconds. With a new model coming up, Mercedes Benz even promises interested takers an increased speed in the SL65's driving performance.

  • Ever seen an SL63 unit and had that urge to look again? That's pretty normal and expected. The SL63 shares the same features with almost all SL65 parts, including the Mercedes Benz SL65 accessories. The only pieces that differentiate the two-aside from the improved power and performance of the SL65, of course-are the SL65's conjoined quad tailpipe design (versus the SL63's individual pipes) and the "V12 Biturbo" badge that is commonly found behind the SL65's front wheels.

  • Priced at a little over $200,000, the SL65 is surely one of the most expensive cars in the market today, but it definitely fills all the limitations of its predecessors. Armed with 12 cylinders that can deliver up to 621 horsepower and a whooping 738 lb-ft of torque, it is one pricey model that definitely deserves all the high costs. It also has a seven-gear Speedshift transmission, which is two gears better than the five gears of the SL63.

Mercedes Benz SL65 Parts

Mercedes Benz SL65 Articles

  • Mercedes Benz SL65 Common Problems

    Mega-powered with superb Turbo diesel capacity and backed with an incredible horsepower, the special lightweight model of the Mercedes Benz, the SL65, may be considered an ultra ride. Classy, fully equipped, and not to mention expensive, flaws and problems may be the last thing one would associate with this car and all its flashy Mercedes Benz SL65 parts. But perfection is indeed quite evasive, and so SL65 units-and their owners, definitely-also have their own share of troubles. Below are some of the most common problems Mercedes Benz SL65 owners have reported on their vehicles:

    Engine misfires

    One of the most common issues SL65 owners need to troubleshoot is misfiring in the car's engine. This is generally detected with the "check engine" light's activation. The CEL also gives out codes that tranSLate to misfire data.

    Engine misfires may be caused by a couple of reasons, one of which may be failure in the ignition module. Some of the results of engine misfires are unsmooth runs and problematic car starts.

    Air compression leaks

    Some SL65 owners also report a leaking pneumatic system in their units. If left unresolved, this problem may branch out to glitches in Mercedes Benz SL65 accessories and parts, like the trunk and/or door closing assist function.

    Fluid contamination

    Other SL65 owners have noted brake fluid contamination. Automotive professionals have associated this to a more serious-and probably way more costly-problem involving the anti-lock brake system (ABS) modulator. To prevent such pricey trouble, a complete brake system flush is recommended every two years.

    Software problems

    The central gateway module of the Mercedes Benz SL65, which makes communication possible among the different systems of the car, is also linked with the model's setbacks. Failure from this module may cause the vehicle's command and audio systems to sometimes shut down unexpectedly.

    Fuel issues

    The installation of V-12 engines in Mercedes Benz SL65 units is full of perks, but it also comes with some disadvantages. V-12 engines tend to be quite particular with the fuel they are fed with, and certain picky seasons may result in rough idles and long cranks. Car experts observed that with the V-12 engine on, the SL65 needs to be filled with the right fuel that suits the current temperature.