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Mercury Cougar Mirror

In 1939, Ford Motor Company's Mercury as an automobile brand name started to venture in the competitive arena of automotive industry specializing in the creation of semi-luxury cars slotted between entry-level Ford and luxury Lincoln models. All this time, Mercury came to produce already several models which in one way or another, was admired and supported by various car enthusiasts all over the world. One of the distinguished models that were manufactured under this marque was the Mercury Cougar.

Said model name was already in used as early as 1967 and was employed by sundry series of cars over the succeeding three decades. Since the Mercury Cougar has the Ford Motors as its mother company, it was not surprising that it uses the basic platforms with other Ford models. Primarily, the Mercury Cougar was introduced as the Ford Mustang, and later on, it was introduced as the Ford Thunderbird until recently which was a version of the Ford Contour. Moreover, the Mercury Cougar played an important role in the history and image of the Mercury marque bearing the sign of a cat.

The Mercury Cougar is basically a compact, front wheel drive sports coupe, and as the years went by, notable changes were made to enhance the ability, functionality and performance of this vehicle. Furthermore, Mercury Cougar automobiles were reinforced by supercharged parts and accessories. One of which is the Mercury Cougar mirror.

Mirrors like the Mercury Cougar mirrors are car parts or sometimes accessories and add-ons commonly seen at the side and near the front windows and windshield of an automobile, or inside just above the windshield. They are used to produce the image of what is directly in its path, and depending on the angle of the mirrors curve, they may reflect anything that is within its scope, especially the subsequent vehicles to anticipate possible vehicular mishaps. If you are looking for Mercury Cougar mirrors that will perfectly fit your vehicle, then the use of the Internet is of great help.

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