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Mini Cooper Wiper Blade Insert

What Causes Your Mini Cooper Wiper Blade Insert to Fail

The Mini Cooper wiper blade insert is a long piece of rubber that is attached to the wiper arm through a small locking tab. It is responsible for wiping dirt and water off your windshield. But after some time, this component wears out. Heat, moisture, and other factors can make the rubber insert weak and brittle. When you're beginning to experience some serious windshield wiper problems, it's high time to check your wiper blade insert.

Blade insert keeps on falling.

If you've already had several attempts to affix the blade insert to the wiper arm, but still it doesn't fit snugly in place, you have to check the lock and tabs immediately. These small plastic fasteners keep the rubber properly mounted to the wiper arm. However, they can get brittle after being exposed to heat and rain for years. In this case, you might need to replace not just the wiper blade insert but also the wiper arm. Changing the entire wiper arm assembly is the best way to restore the normal function of your car wipers.

Blade insert is full of holes and cracks.

Through a thorough physical inspection, you can easily detect holes and cracks on your blade inserts. Such damage is caused by several factors such as heat, age, and stress. When you see that your blade inserts are teeming with fractures, it only means that the rubber is getting weak. Replace the blade insert as soon as possible to prevent more serious problems. If you neglect this, damage may spread to the wiper arms, which may require a more costly repair.

Blade insert is too thin.

Thin blade inserts require immediate replacement, because they can damage your windshield severely. To determine the condition of your rubber blades, feel them with your fingers. Also, try turning your wipers on and observe. If you see that the wiper arm metal is scratching on the glass windshield, it's an indication that the rubber is exhausted. Insisting on using them will only lead to scrapes and scuffs on the windshield. To prevent this, change your blade inserts as often as possible.

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  • What to Do to Prolong the Service Life of your Mini Cooper Wiper Blade Insert 27 February 2013

    Your Mini Cooper wiper blade insert is a component that requires extra care and attention. That's because, this car part is often exposed to harsh conditions. Some people neglect maintaining the wiper blades, because repair and replacement is not that expensive. They can have it done anytime, anywhere. But to those like you who know how to value their money, here are some care tips that can help you prolong the staying power of your rubber blade inserts.

    Do a regular maintenance check.

    Save more cash by spending some of your precious time in inspecting the condition of your wiper blade inserts. This is the best way to stop and prevent early signs of rubber insert failure. See, touch, and hear the prominent symptoms that tell you it's time to replace your blade inserts. Do this as often as possible to keep track of your wiper's condition.

    Clean the inserts on a regular basis.

    In cleaning the wiper blade inserts, focus on the areas underneath. Most dirt and dust settle along these spots. Use any soap that doesn't contain harsh chemicals in removing stubborn dirt buildup. You can use your ordinary dishwashing soap. Rinse off with lukewarm water to dissolve grime and filth.

    Replace the wiper blade inserts when necessary.

    A common indication that tells you to replace your wiper blade inserts is when you see streaks of water left on your windshield. It simply means that your current wiper blades can no longer function properly. Car experts say that is best to replace your wiper blades every year. But it still depends on the current condition of your wipers.

    Soften the blade inserts.

    It is very important to keep your blade inserts soft, so they won't freeze and get stuck on cold seasons. You can do it by simply applying a liberal amount of petroleum jelly on the entire length of the blade. Let it soak for a few minutes to make sure that the product has already penetrated into the rubber. Don't wipe off the blades, and just let air to dry them.

    Adjust the wiper arm correctly.

    Adjust the wiper arm properly to make sure that the blade insert is in tight contact with the glass windshield. This allows the wiper blade to efficiently remove water and dust for an optimum cleaning effect.