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Door Panel by Nifty Products

Nifty Products Nifty Door Panel Carpet: A Complete User's Guide

Shopping for automotive carpets is quite a task because there are so many brands out there for you to choose from. You need to consider the pros and cons first to make a sound decision. You don't have to buy a Nifty Products nifty door panel carpet right away just because your friend uses it. You need to verify if it's really worthy of your money. To be certain about this product, here is a brief summary of its notable features and attributes:

What makes it reliable:The best thing about this product is the quality of its materials. The base is made from heavy-duty thermoplastic, which is thicker than ordinary floor mats available in the market. The thicker the material is, the greater the protection it provides against oil, dirt, water, and mud. It's not only functional; it's stylish, too. The front side is fully carpeted. Only 100% nylon fibers were used to make sure that molds and mildew won't thrive on it. Also, these fibers don't fade easily; they have the ability to lock in their natural black or sand color. Even if you brush and wash these carpets for a hundred times, the color will stay rich and vivid.

Where it fits:There's a Nifty door panel carpet for almost all types of vehicles. This product is custom made, so you don't need to do a lot of modifications to achieve perfect fit.

How to make your Nifty door panel carpet last: Stain could be the most annoying problem that you'll ever experience with your carpet. That's why it is very important to avoid it at all cost. If you spilled your coffee or stepped your muddy shoes on the carpet, clean the dirt right away. Don't wash. Just blot the stain with a rag to prevent it from spreading. Once in a while, try applying a little amount of fabric softener. This will reduce carpet static or the light electric shock you feel whenever your feet touch the mat. Above all else, keep your carpet clean all the time. By doing this regularly, you can prevent mold and flea infestation. You don't have to wash your carpet weekly. Using your vacuum is enough.

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  • Things You Must Expect from a Nifty Products Nifty Door Panel Carpet

    So you've chosen a Nifty Products Nifty door panel carpet as a replacement for your old stock carpet. Aside from its great looks, what else made you decide to purchase this product? Is it the low price? How about its durability? To know if you've really made the right decision, simply read the ratings below. They will give you more idea about your Nifty door panel carpet.

    How well does it perform? (4/5 points)

    One thing is for sure, this door panel carpet will not disappoint you. It has everything that you're expecting from a heavy-duty mat. For one, it is very efficient in protecting your car floors from mud, dirt, and grease. Made from durable thermoplastic material, this carpet does not crack or bend easily. It also holds water and other fluids better because it is thicker than other rugs in the market. If you're using this carpet, you don't have to worry about coffee or soda spills because your car floors will surely remain clean and dry. It's not only functional; a Nifty door panel carpet is also very stylish. Its front side is covered with 100% pure nylon threads, which are highly resistant to mildew. So if you have kids, you'll never have to worry about the health hazards that molds may bring.

    Is it easy to install? (5/5 points)

    Nifty Products Nifty door panel carpet deserves a perfect rating when it comes to ease of installation. Anyone won't have a hard time installing this component because of its direct-fit feature. It is custom made, so there's no doubt that it would fit snugly in place. Any modification such as cutting and trimming are no longer necessary. Plus, each set of carpets that you buy includes an instruction manual that will guide you during the entire installation process.

    Is it worth the price? (4/5 points)

    With less than $50, you can already buy not just one but two floor carpets for your car. Yes, that's right. Nifty carpets are sold in sets. Each box contains two floor mats; enough to replace the old mats on the passenger's and driver's side. In addition to that, Nifty Products back its products with a 90-day limited warranty. Within that period, you can have your items replaced or repaired free of charge.

    Overall rating: 4/5