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Floor Mats by Nifty Products

Nifty Products Nifty Floor Mats: A Comprehensive Buyer's Guide

One morning, you were off to a big presentation. You stopped for a few minutes to grab a coffee before hitting the road once again. Then you accidentally spilled your hot drink onto your car floors because you were in a hurry. To cover the stains on your carpet, you decided to buy floor mats the next day. You saw Nifty Products Nifty Floor Mats first on the store shelves. But there were different types, so you got confused and walked out. If you're planning to visit the store again, make sure to read this comprehensive guide first to get an idea about each mat type.

Nifty Products plastic floor mats

  • What makes them awesome: Plastic floor mats from Nifty products are made from patented Xynet plastic. This thermoplastic material is proven to be extremely durable. It is actually heavier and thicker compared to other types of materials, so it offers more protection against water, dirt, and mud. Also, the rubber-like texture of these mats prevents them from slipping.

  • Where they fit: They fit in most types of vehicles, but they are highly recommended for performance cars because of their excellent anti-slip features.

Nifty Products carpeted floor mats

  • What makes them awesome: Carpeted mats are both stylish and functional. They are made from nylon threads, which is the same material used for the carpet in the auto's interior. Because of this, the mats complement with the overall look of the car. When it comes to maintenance, there's nothing to worry about because the mat fibers are resistant to dirt, mud, and water.

  • Where they fit: Best to use in personal cars such as sedans and coupes to retain the luxurious and elegant look and ambiance.

Nifty Products vinyl floor mats

  • What makes them awesome: Vinyl mats, just like plastic mats, are highly resistant to moisture. They are also very durable. But what sets it apart from other types of floor liners is its eco-friendly attribute. Vinyl is made from natural components such as common salt, which is recyclable. Because this ingredient is very easy to obtain, vinyl floor mats are not that expensive compared to plastic and carpeted mats.

  • Where they fit: Recommended for street use. Perfect for regular vehicles such as personal cars or family vans.

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Nifty Products Floor Mats Articles

  • Things You Can Expect from Nifty Products Nifty Floor Mats

    Every car owner like you wants to have a shipshape automobile. That's the main reason for buying car products and accessories that can help maintain the cleanliness and order inside and outside of your vehicle. One of the most popular car protective items is the Nifty Products Nifty floor mats. These special mats are made of water-resistant plastic that shields your car floors from mud, snow, and grease. They are cut and molded according to the precise floor dimensions of your vehicle to ensure proper fit. Given all these benefits, it's clear why Nifty floor liners are hot in the market. But are they really worthy of your money? To be certain, read about the ratings below:

    How well does it perform? (4/5 stars)

    The best thing about this product is that it is made of heavy-duty and water-resistant thermoplastic. Thermoplastic material offers excellent protection against liquid products such as coffee, oil, and grease that may taint your car floors. Also, the special tread design provides a strong grip to prevent each mat from slipping or shifting. When it comes to maintenance, Nifty Products plastic mats are easier to clean compared to carpeted liners. To remove dirt on carpeted liners, you need to wash them. But with plastic mats, wiping and brushing are enough to get rid of dirt and filth.

    Is it easy to install? (4/5 stars)

    Nifty floor mats got four out of five stars because they are pretty easy to install. Each mat has built-in tabs that you just need to slip and insert onto the slits found under the passenger seats. The mat used on the driver's side has anchor knobs that you just simply twist to secure the mat in place. Even if you're not familiar with DIY car installations, you'll be able to pull this task off because this product includes a detailed installation manual. You won't even need to prepare any tool for this job.

    Is it worth the price? (4/5 stars)

    Money wise, a Nifty Products floor mat is an excellent investment. A mat won't even cost you a hundred bucks, but it can give you several benefits. Your car floors have ultimate protection against dirt. You can even enjoy a few hours playing your favorite sports instead of brushing and washing your carpets. Plus, Nifty Products back its items with lifetime limited warranty.

    Overall rating: 4/5