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Nissan D21 Turn Signal

Symptoms of a Faulty Nissan D21 Turn Signal

Communication among drivers on the road is very important to avoid accidents. Your turn signal is a crucial feature in this aspect. All you need to do is flip your lever, and the other drivers on the road know where you intend to turn. Without this car light, more accidents surely have occurred already. This part is known to be vulnerable to different issues such as blown bulb or bad wiring connections. With this, before things get worse, you should be able to know when you must start working on your turn signal.

Turn signal does not flash

Your turn signal is meant to flash to set it apart from your running light. You only activate your turn signal every once in a while, so other drivers should know when it is activated. When the turn signal does not blink, there is a problem with your turn signal flasher relay. This part makes the turn signal self-cancel, causing the blinking of the bulbs. You should check this part for damage or corrosion that may cause the malfunction. It is located at the metal flange near the clutch pedal stop of your pickup.

One turn signal flashes faster than the other

Your turn signal lights are meant to flash in unison. When one flashes at a faster rate than the other, the problem lies on the bulbs themselves. One may be blown, causing higher voltage delivery to both bulbs. This may also be caused by incompatible bulbs. Higher-quality bulbs tend to flash faster than lower-quality ones. With this, you should check your bulbs and make sure they are not blown or incompatible.

Turn signal lights on one side do not work

If both your Nissan D21 turn signal lights on the left headlight and tail light assemblies do not turn on, the bulbs on both assemblies may not be touching their sockets well. These cause the malfunction in the activation of the bulbs. Check the sockets for corrosion or loose connection. Also check for bad grounds on wires connected to the sockets.

Both front Nissan D21 turn signal lights do not work

If both turn signal lights on your headlight assemblies do not work, it may be caused by a fuse issue. Check the fuse and replace it if necessary as it may be damaged or corroded.

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  • Extending the Life of Your Nissan D21 Turn Signal

    Your Nissan D21 turn signal is a crucial communication device in your truck. It lets other drivers know when and where you intend to turn. Without this feature, you would end up communicating with other drivers through hand signals or verbally. Damage in your turn signal disrupts the effective communication on the road and may lead to accidents. With this, you need to take good care of this part and make it work for you as long as possible.

    Be careful in installing and removing your turn signal bulb.

    Needless to say, your turn signal bulb eventually needs to be replaced. When you do so, you should be careful. The connection between the bulb's base and the bulb socket is crucial. This is the part where current is delivered for the bulb to light up. Bad news is that this part is very sensitive. With this, check the proper removal and installation method of your turn signal bulb. The slightest scratch on the socket can make your bulb sit loose and fall off the socket.

    Regularly check the electrical components connected to your turn signal.

    Your turn signal works with your truck's electrical system. With this, you have to make sure there is smooth current delivery from the battery to the bulb. Regularly check the fuse, relay, wires, and bulb sockets for signs of corrosion that can disrupt current delivery to the bulb. You also need to check for bad ground that result in a short circuit that blows up your turn signal bulb.

    Be careful when washing your car.

    Over time, your light assemblies may develop cracks and holes which allow water and moisture to enter their housings. These water and moisture deposits affect the bulb and reduce its lifespan. With this, be extra careful when giving your car a wash. You may also apply silicone sealant around the assemblies to make sure they are sealed well.

    Mind your Nissan D21 turn signal seals.

    Moss may grow inside your turn signal housings. This is a scary sign that your seals are not doing their jobs well. With this, you need to regularly wash your turn signal seals. A bar of soap is enough to keep them clean. However, if they are severely damaged, a replacement is due.