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Nissan Maxima Brake Pad Set

Finding Ways of Fixing Your Nissan Maxima Brake Pad Set

The thrill of speeding down the road on your Maxima will turn to terror if something goes wrong with your brakes pads. As a part of your brake system, they're supposed to help keep you safe by squeezing down on the rotors so that your car comes to a stop. But, when they start squealing loudly and if you find it hard to brake, then you know that you'll need to figure out how to troubleshoot your Nissan Maxima brake pad set before your next joyride.

Inspecting your brake pads

Regularly inspecting your brake pads and rotors can go a long way in preventing serious problems. But, even if you've realized this too late, you can still check up on them and prevent further wear and tear. What's more, you can do so without removing the wheels on your Maxima.

All you need to do is to peep underneath your car, through the spaces of your alloy wheels. If you see that your brake discs looks shiny from the inside to the outside with some slight lines and a fairly uniform appearance, then you don't need to do anything with them. But, if you' see that they're uneven with grooves and rough spots, then you need to replace them. Otherwise, your brake pads might conform their warped shape and make your braking more wobbly.

After this inspection, check your brake pads and ensure that they aren't too thin. If your pads are an eighth of an inch thick or less, then you'll need to replace them. Otherwise, they might warp your rotors. Just do this inspection once a year, and your Maxima should be fine.

Other signs of a brake pad problems

You can also tell that your brake pads are in need of replacing when you notice a few signs that point to some serious problems. First, if you see a huge amount of brake dust around your wheel well and on your tires, then it's a sign that your brake pads are wearing down faster than normal. Second, if you experience a lot of vibrations from your pads whenever you put your foot on the brake pedal, then your pads have become contaminated with oil. Finally, if you feel that your pads are soft and spongy, then it could be because they're overheating.

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  • Maintaining Your Nissan Maxima Brake Pad Set

    Your Nissan Maxima brake pads have the tough job of embracing the brake discs so that your car comes to a stop. Every time they do this, a little bit of their padding is worn down by the rotors until they screech to be replaced. You can make them perform better and last longer if you take care of them. Here are some ways in which you can maintain your brake pads:

    Cleaning the front brakes

    If you have a front-wheel-drive layout on your Maxima, then you can clean them to ensure that the brake pads don't wear down on one side more than the other does. You can start doing so by sliding a drip pan beneath the wheel that you're cleaning. Then, spray the wheel's brake caliper with a little industrial brake cleaner and then gently scrub it with a soft bristle brush until it shines. Then, clean the steel clips that hold the brake pads in with a little gentle but persistent brushing. Finally, clean the rotors with the brake cleaner and then do the same for the other wheel.

    Adjusting the rear brake pads

    Meanwhile, if you have a rear-wheel-drive layout on your Maxima, you can adjust the rear brake pads to ensure that they don't wear down prematurely. To do so, you'll need to lift your car's rear on some jack stands so that you can inspect your rear brakes. Spin them by hand and make sure that they don't spin for more than half a turn. If they do, you'll need to tighten the adjusting nut on your cable until it no longer dangles. Then, if you still have rubber plugs on your brakes, you can return them to their position on the vehicle with a brake-adjusting spoon. Finally, tug on the parking cable and then spray the center hub of your drum before returning them to the wheels' brakes.

    Choosing the right rotors

    One of the best ways to prevent brake dust from accumulating on your brakes and affecting your pads' performance is to buy brake discs that are perfect for your braking needs. If you need Cross-drilled, vented, and slotted rotors, remember that all these have holes on the surface to help prevent your Nissan Maxima brake pads from wearing out.