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Nissan Maxima Door Handle

Quick Fixes for Common Troubles with Your Nissan Maxima Door Handle

If only for the fact that they allow you into the car, Nissan Maxima door handles are very important pieces of equipment. Without them, there really is no accessing your car's interior-at least, not in a way that is entirely comfortable. Normally, unless your car is tipping the scales in terms of age, you can count on your door handles to last a really long time. If you, however, find you're starting to fact the following difficulties with your door handle, there are a few little things you can do to make sure they're back in working order in no time at all!

Loose door handles

A loose door handle is a bit of hassle but still allows access into your vehicle with a little aggressive jiggling on your parts-there is a risk, however, of you managing to break it off its hinges completely. Loose handles are normally caused by a failure of the spring that is installed to keep the door flush with the door of your Maxima. Repairing the damage will require recoiling the spring or replacing it with a newer spring. You can, naturally, opt to do the replacement yourself-which will require you to access your door panel to reach your door handle's interior components. It's much better-if you are inexperienced-to have a qualified mechanic handle the repair.

Non-functional door handles

This is the exact opposite of the previous problem. In this case, the door handle becomes impossible to lift from its resting position. You therefore are left with no way to get into your Maxima at all. This normally happens in older model Maximas, and is due to the fact that the hinges and springs are stuck or rusted over. Depending on the severity of the damage, you can either still salvage the handle by replacing the parts that are broken or completely replacing your door handle. Either way is fine, really. But for a long term fix that isn't likely to need much attention too soon, it's better to go for a full-on complete replacement.

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  • Tip-Top Tips for Keeping Your Nissan Maxima Door Handle in Tip-Top Shape

    Door handles don't normally top the list of things you think and fuss about in a car. Especially in a car loaded with all the bells and whistles like the Nissan Maxima is. Yet, however great and grand all the other parts might seem by comparison, a door handle let's you into your luxury ride-now that's indispensable. Unless you fancy just having your car sit on your driveway collecting dust, its door handles are a concern you should constantly tend to. Here are a few thing you can do to make sure that your door handles do exactly what they're meant to do for a long time coming:

    Polish and shine.

    This actually depends on whether you have the chromed type of handles or ones that are color-matched to the rest of your Maxima. The central idea, really, is all about cleanliness and waxing. Sure, you probably already manage to clean your door handles when you clean the rest of your car, but the thing is to be thorough about it. Make sure you also manage to clean the inner side of your door handles and the little crevasses as well-to do that last bit will require you to lift the handle ever-so-slightly to let you wipe it down.

    Be gentle.

    The way to get your door handles damaged quickly is to handle it roughly. You might be having a bad day, but it might get all that worse by jerking the handle too roughly. That can weaken the spring mechanism on the handle and render it useless. Just handle it normally-pull up the door handle in a gentle motion until the door pops open. It seems like a funny thing to mention but there are a lot of people who don't realize the kind of damage they subject their door handles too.

    Inspect often.

    Apart from the inner workings-which you check by manipulating the door handle and checking for looseness-it's important to check the surface for scratches, cracks, and dings. Even the smallest of these can grow into a major problem given the constant vibrations of the car. Should you spot damage, apply epoxy putty immediately to stop things from getting worse.