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Nissan Maxima Starter

The Nissan Maxima Starter Troubleshooting Corner

The Nissan Maxima starter is a small part with a big function: it sends electrical power to the battery, which then activates the whole car. Without it, getting your vehicle to work would be very tedious. Like all parts, however, it cannot last forever. So to ensure that your Nissan Maxima starter works smoothly for as long as possible, here are some troubleshooting tips:

Clicking noises

If you hear a sort of clicking noise whenver you try to start yout car, you might want to check the state of your starter's battery. If the battery is malfunctioning, it might not be able to produce enough power for the vehicle to start. Check whether the battery is corroded and if so, have that part replaced immediately. Another cause might be the solenoid on top of the starter. If this gets broken or worn down, power will not transfer from the starter to the battery. A good way to check this is to get a jumper cable and wire the starter to the battery. If you vehicle manages to start in this manner, then you are sure that the solenoid is at fault and needs to be replaced.

Smoky smell

If you smell something burnt from under the hood, and you are certain that it is not coming from the engine, then the issue might be something faulty with the electrical connections of your starter. Take a look at your starter and check if there is any wire or connection burnt out. If you detect any signs of these, is it best that you replace the part immediately. Failure to do so might result in a car fire, which would cost you a lot more than a new starter.

Starter not engaging

When you are having a difficult time simply getting the ignition to work, and none of those listed above are present, then you might want to take a look at the gears and pinions inside the starter. This sort of problem is simple caused by old age. Time will slowly wear the gears down, and as a result, the car will not be able to start.

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  • Maintenance Tips & Tricks for Your Nissan Maxima Starter

    The purpose of the Nissan Maxima starter is rather simple yet very important. This part sends a signal to your battery, which would then allow the whole vehicle to start. Without it, you would have a much harder time trying to get the car to work. Even though the starter is made out of high-quality materials, it is, just like any other car part, susceptible to all sorts of damage. From faulty wires, corrosion, and simple wear and tear. To make sure the your Nissan Maxima Starter will keep functioning consistently well, here is a simple maintenance guide to help you out:

    Check wirings for faults.

    Many of the starter's problems come from connection problems. Take the starter out of the car and do a thorough scan on its wirings. Check to see if there is anything worn or corroded. If there is, then a little replacement and rewiring should do the trick. If the damage is too much, however, then it would probably be better if you simply replace the part.

    Look for signs of wear.

    After checking the wirings, the next thing you should inspect is the condition of the starter's gears and pinions. Wear due to old age, as well as rust and corrosion from the elements, could eventually weaken these tiny parts. You will usually notice these types of problems whenever your starter either fails to engage or does not shut off. On first sign of gear and pinion wear, it is advised that you replace these parts as soon as possible. That way, you would save time and money on only a portion of the starter instead of having to buy a whole new one.

    Be aware of unusual smells.

    Your nose, believe it or not, is a powerful tool in determining and solving car problems. If you ever smell something burnt and smoky coming from the hood area, immediately check whether it is the either engine or the starter. When the scent leads you to the starter, it is a sure sign that the electrical wirings of your starter have gone busted and the part in need of replacement.