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Nissan Maxima Struts

Nissan Maxima Struts: The Typical Issues that Cause Malfunctions

The struts of your Nissan Maxima are designed to provide that smooth and stable ride for a complete luxury car experience. They reduce the stress on the vehicle's frame and absorb the impact from uneven road conditions. However, the struts can only deal with a certain amount of stress, and they will soon wear out through constant use. If you notice that your car becomes difficult to control and feels bouncy, then you'd better perform some troubleshooting. Here are some common problems with the struts that you might encounter:

Noise coming from the struts

When you notice a low-pitch noise coming from the suspension area of your car, that sound could have originated from weak strut mounts which has already affected the struts. If the noise is only noticeable when you do a turn, then you probably need to apply some lube or grease on the strut mounts and the springs of the struts. However, if the noise is still noticeable after applying lube, then you should remove the parts and inspect them. You have to find replacement parts if the struts and strut mounts are already worn-out.

"Bottoming out"

The term "bottoming out" means that there's too much stress or load on the car's suspension that it had reached its compression limit. This can happen particularly when you're driving over bumps or pot holes. The danger when your car bottoms out is that you can lose control of the vehicle. The best solution for this problem is to replace the old struts of your car as soon as possible.

Leaking strut

A leak from your car's strut can be a sign that it has reached the end of its service life. The seal around the piston of the strut could have worn out and caused the hydraulic fluid to leak. However, if the strut on your vehicle has been replaced for only a year, then road debris may have caused damage on the seal. The best thing to do is to replace the strut immediately because it will put you in danger when all the hydraulic fluid drains completely and the strut stops functioning.

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  • Nissan Maxima Struts: Easy Hints to Maximize Their Strength

    The struts of your Nissan Maxima, with the help other suspension parts like the coil springs and stabilizer bars, are designed to maintain the stability of your car. Aside from that, the struts also reduce the stress from the vehicle's frame when you drive over uneven road surfaces. Since the constant pressure is applied on the struts, they will weaken in time and will eventually show signs of wearing down. Before they reach the end of their service life, here are some tips you can do to maximize their use:

    Check the struts of your car periodically.

    A good practice to keep the struts of your Nissan Maxima in good condition is by checking it at least once a year or every 12,000 miles. You should inspect the struts if they are not bent, cracked, or leaking. The seal and the lubricant boots of the struts have to be checked as well. If there's a suspected leak, you need to make sure if it's the hydraulic fluid from the strut or just road water that splashed on the strut's surface. If you are uncertain what it is, then you have to remove the struts and check it thoroughly.

    Perform the "bounce" test on your car.

    To perform the bounce test on your Nissan Maxima, all you have to do is to place your weight on the car's front bumper as low as you can and quickly let go. If the struts of your vehicle are in good condition, the car should bounce only once and it should return to its normal position afterwards. However, if the shocks are wearing down, then you'll notice that the car will bounce up and down two or more times before it settles back into place. When this happens, you have to inspect which struts already need to be replaced.

    Replace the struts at the same time.

    Since the struts of your Nissan Maxima carry the same amount of load at the same time, they should be replaced in pairs or all at once. Remember that it will be difficult to achieve a balanced drive if the struts provide unequal support, and the car may lean dangerously on one side. The best time to consider replacing the struts is every 50,000 miles. However, this is only an ideal time and it will still depend on your driving style and how frequent you use your vehicle.