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Nissan Pickup Bumpers

No to Nissan Klunkers: How to Troubleshoot Problems with Nissan Pickup Bumpers

Your Nissan Pickup is equipped stylish yet sturdy bumpers on the front and rear end of your vehicle to guarantee protection against damage caused by accidents. Unfortunately, these bumpers are not everlasting car parts; they also get scratched, they bend, and they break-troubles that could be really bad for your pickup. Thankfully, there are quick solutions to those woes, and here are some of them:


A common problem for bumpers-whether they are made of chrome, steel, or plastic-are cracks, especially after collision incidents. Luckily, cracks are just easy to seal, especially for plastic bumpers. You can either weld the affected portions or apply a two-part epoxy filler on the cracked areas. Whichever procedure you go for, remember five things: drill, clean, fill, sand, and coat. You may need to drill the cracked surface deeper, so the filler would set in more effectively. And, of course, before you apply the filler material, you have to make sure first that the surface is clean. Lastly, for polishing, sand and coat the treated areas. Voila! Crack-free Nissan pickup bumpers that are good as new.


Aside from cracks, dents are also common signs of bumper damage. And they are also fairly easy to resolve. To shape back your bumpers to their original form, you would need a heat gun (a blow dryer can be an alternative) and a mallet or plunger. Just heat the deformed area until it can be easily shaped or molded. Then with your gloved hands or-as in the case of big dents-with a mallet or plunger, pull or push the deformed portion out. After putting back your bumpers to their original form, you can also bathe the affected areas with a bucketful of cold water to lock the reshaping.


If you think your pickup's bumpers are only at risk when you're on the highway, think again. Your bumpers can still be in trouble even if your Nissan pickup is just parked silently in your garage. The cause? No less than scratches! Good thing there are touch-up paints, which you can readily purchase at hardware or automotive stores, for quick patch-ups. For the fix, just apply a dab of paint that is of similar color to your bumpers and top the scratch with a buffing compound.

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  • Buffers for Bumpers: How to Keep Your Nissan Pickup Bumpers in Good Condition

    You like seeing curves, huh? Your Nissan Pickup has got two-on the front and rear ends. These curves, a.k.a. your Nissan Pickup bumpers, actually combine style and function, guaranteeing your car components' protection, especially when you drive. Read on for some useful bumper maintenance tips.

    Paint the plastic.

    For plastic Nissan Pickup bumpers, painting is a simple maintenance step. Coating your bumpers with the appropriate automotive paint should keep them free from scratches and other common bumper damage. Ideally, this maintenance step should also shield you from the towering costs of bumper repair or replacement. Just make sure you have the right tools (i.e., spray applicator, part sealer, sandpaper, water), and you follow the right procedure. You can consult your local car dealer or your owner's manual so that you can be sure to purchase the right automotive paint for your car. Then you can do the rest of the painting job on your own!

    Coat the chrome.

    Chrome is another common material used in Nissan Pickup bumpers. And the most common foe of chrome bumpers is rusting. Luckily, you can treat your bumpers with some polish, a pail of soapy solution, a bottle of rust-prevention spray, a steel wool, and a clean cloth. Using the soapy solution and the steel wool, just wash away rust forming on your bumpers before you apply a coating of chrome polish. Spread the wax with the clean cloth, then top the surface with a layer of rust-prevention gel. This should keep your bumpers free from rusting, while making them look as good as new.

    Seal off the steel.

    Just like chrome bumpers, those made of steel are also prone to rusting. That's why it is also important to clean, polish, and protect them from the elements as much as possible. So make sure that the water you use in cleaning your steel pickup bumpers doesn't have too much iron or salt in it. These elements react with the metal composition of the steel, hastening rust-formation. Coating the bumpers with protectors every six months should also help seal off their surface and keep their good condition.