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Nissan Sentra Mirrors

Dealing with Troubles in Your Nissan Sentra Mirrors

Driving requires focus not just on the road in front of you but on the vehicles behind you as well. You need to be aware of the movement of cars in your surroundings so that you can adjust your driving when needed. This simple knowledge allows you to prevent any involvement in road accidents, ensuring your safety while driving. However, your mirrors might become unreliable-they might fail to provide you with a good view due to malfunction. The following are common issues that you might also encounter with your Nissan Sentra mirrors:

Detached mirrors

There may be incidents when you start to glance at your rear-view mirror and then it just falls off without warning. A detached mirror can be glued back to its proper position, though. Just make sure that you are not doing the repair on a cold day because the adhesive that you need for this job works better in warm temperatures than in the cold. Also, you might want to work with the windows open to avoid breathing in unpleasant substances from the adhesive kit.

Determine the correct mounting point for your mirror. You might find it easier to glue just the baseplate first and then install the mirror afterwards. Once you have properly placed the baseplate on the windshield, simply apply the adhesive on the back of the baseplate and press it on the glass.

Blind spots

If your mirrors are not properly positioned, you would definitely have to deal with blind spots. As a general rule, check your side-view mirrors. If you can see a portion of your car reflected on them, it means that these mirrors are excessively turned inwards. Adjust them until you can see just the side of your vehicle on the inside edge of the mirror. Also, you may try leaning your head against the window while adjusting the mirror. Make sure that only the side of your car comes into view.

Malfunctioning auto-dimming feature

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  • Cleaning Your Nissan Sentra Mirrors

    When you're driving, you have to be somewhat all-knowing. You need to be aware of the things happening on the road where you are driving, and you need to have an idea about the movement of the vehicles behind and beside you. But how could you achieve these things if the mirrors on your car are not clean enough for you to see clearly? Follow these tips on how to maintain spotless Nissan Sentra mirrors:

    Remove scratches on your mirrors.

    Scratches are common nuisance on car mirrors especially on side-view mirrors. Since these mirrors are located outside the vehicle, they are very much susceptible to road debris that could scrape their surface. Luckily, there is still something you can do about this problem.

    Prepare the right tools.

    It is important to have the appropriate cleaning tools in hand. Don't just use any cleaner or cloth. Mirrors are quite sensitive. In cleaning your mirror's glass, make sure to use a glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth. A mixture of ammonia and water could be used as substitute for glass cleaner, though.

    Clean off the dirt on the mirror's surface.

    Before treating the scratches on your mirrors, make sure that you thoroughly clean off any dirt or road debris. Pay more attention to the area where you can find a scratch.

    Apply toothpaste onto the scratch.

    Make sure that the toothpaste you are going to use is the non-gel and white type. Apply a small amount on the affected area; just enough to cover up the scratch. Also, you might want to buff the mirror with a polishing pad or a buffing ball. Don't forget to clean the mirror once again after applying the toothpaste. Use the same cleaner you used earlier.

    You might need to repeat the procedure a few more times until the scratch is no longer visible on your mirror. If it does not disappear, you might as well consider replacing the mirror or just the glass.

    Remove water spots on your mirrors.

    You can use vinegar in getting rid of annoying water spots. Put on a small amount of vinegar on a clean microfiber cloth. Wipe it thoroughly until the spots are dissolved. Finish it up by cleaning the mirrors with a glass cleaner.