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Nissan Sentra Wheel Covers

Quickly Spot and Fix Nissan Sentra Wheel Covers Issues

Wheel covers protect the wheels lug nuts. It prevents the lug nuts from falling, and getting lost on the road. However, most vehicle owners buy them not because of their seemingly trivial function, but because of their aesthetic contribution. Wheel cover or hub caps issues are as simple and as trivial as their purpose. However, having the problems done by professionals are as expensive as the wheel covers themselves. Fortunately, Nissan Sentra wheel covers problems are easy to address, and could save you serious amount of cash if you do them yourself. Here are some of wheel cover issues and what you can do to fix them.

Getting rid of rust

Unfortunately, rusting is not limited to the body and engine of your car. Given its location, the wheel covers are prone to rusting as well. Not only does rust destroy your car's over-all look, it also destroys the wheel covers. The best way to combat rusting is to cure them as early as possible. Minor and shallow rusting found on the wheel covers can be removed by rubbing wet aluminum foil against it. Finish it up by buffing with a fine steel wool.

Getting rid of scratches

Because of its close exposure to the ground, the wheel covers are prone to dents and scratches. Addressing wheel cover scratches can be as simple as washing and polishing them. It just depends on how deep the scratches are. Use a damp sponge and apply plastic cleaner (for plastic) or glass cleaner (for aluminum or steel) on the affected area. Wipe the area in circular motion while putting some pressure on it. Then buff it out with a microfiber cloth. For deeper scratches, use a wet 600-grit sandpaper to scrub it with. And then, follow it up with a higher-grit sandpaper, then finally buff again with plastic or glass cleaner.

Getting rid of dents

Dents on wheel covers are one of the nastiest nightmares a vehicle owner could ever have. But do not despair and keep your wallet in your pocket. Addressing dents are not as painful as you may think. Detach the wheel cover from the wheel. Make the dent more visible by wiping the dented area with a soft cloth dipped in a water and denture cleanser mix. Use the rubber end of a knife to push the dent down until it's leveled with the rest of the wheel cover. Check the opposite side of the wheel cover to make sure that you're not pushing too far.

  • Tips on Keeping Your Nissan Sentra Wheel Covers Classy

    Wheel covers or hub caps play a rather trivial role for your Nissan Sentra. Aside from being trivial, they are also quite expensive. However, the wheel covers are one of the most sought after car parts in the market. This is because they can transform a rather dull car into a sporty, trendy and classy vehicle. The need for the Nissan Sentra wheel covers maybe shallow, but if you already have wheel covers, then you should know how to properly care for them to avoid costly replacements. Here are some tips on how you can effectively maintain your precious and pretty wheel covers.

    Wash them religiously

    Loving your Sentra should not only be limited to the engine and its interiors. Your wheel covers are part of your vehicle's first impression so keeping them clean should be prioritized as well. Wash them as often as you wash your car. Use high-pressured water hose to soften the grime and dirt that are stuck on them. Use a brush that is soaked in water and liquid car shampoo, to thoroughly scrub away the filth. Don't forget to clean in between the crevices as well. You can easily detach them for easier handling, so you can have access to its back parts as well. Allow the wheel covers completely dry by wiping them with a clean cloth before reinstalling them.

    Polish them

    After washing your wheel covers, polish them to improve their look. Wheel covers are made of either plastic, carbon fiber, steel or aluminum. Of course, polishing them will depend on what kind of wheel covers you have. For plastic wheel covers, apply plastic cleaner emulsion on the wheel covers and spread the polish evenly with a damp sponge. Firmly wipe in circular motions taking extra time on where the scratches are. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe off excess polish and buff. For aluminum or steel wheel covers, you can do the same procedure as with plastic wheel covers but, instead of plastic cleaner emulsion, use a household glass cleaner.

    Remove rust

    Not only is the sight of rust on your wheel covers hideous, it's also alarming. If left unattended, the rust will spread and slowly eat away the metal which would require you to buy a replacement. The moment you discover rust spots on your wheel covers, take immediate actions to get rid of them. Use an aluminum foil dipped in water ad rub the rust from the wheel cover. Use a steel wool to buff it out. Once the rust has been removed, apply polishing paste and buff with a fine steel wool. For bigger and deeper rust problem, you can use muriatic acid but be aware that by doing so, could damage your wheel cover's finish.