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Nissan Truck Parts and Nissan Truck Accessories

There are many things that a vehicle buyer considers when purchasing a vehicle, but for pickup trucks, such preferences seldom vary. Powerful off-road performance, capable and sufficient cargo bed, and more than sufficient interior space are among the common characteristics every truck buyer would look in a pickup truck. And while most auto manufacturers can offer one of these three characteristics in their pickup trucks, Nissan beats them all by offering all three. Being the pioneer in the compact pickup truck manufacturing, Nissan shows the world that they have perfected their craft.
Nissan Motors has long been manufacturing pickup trucks, although most of these trucks carry the Datsun brand name instead of the Nissan brand name that they are now using. The company has started manufacturing and selling compact pickup trucks since 1959, the first company to offer a compact pickup truck, followed only by Mazda and Toyota in 1959. Through the years, Nissan trucks have been well recognized because of their power, their roomy interiors and their wide and capable cargo bed space. These pickup trucks would often come in Regular Cab, Crew Cab and King Cab variations equipped with powerful choices of V6 or V8 engines.
Currently, there are two pickup trucks in the Nissan vehicle line-up: the Nissan Frontier and the Nissan Titan. The Nissan Frontier is the company's mid-size pickup truck offering which debuted on 2004. The truck is equipped with a 4.0-liter V6 engine rated at 256 hp and produces a torque of 284 lb-ft. This powerful engine is coupled with a choice of manual and automatic transmission in 6-speed, 5-speed and 4-speed configurations. The Frontier features a wide and versatile truck cargo bed complete with add-ons to make it more capable in handling loads of cargos. It also has a wide interior that makes enough room for five passengers and a multitude of interior equipments and amenities.
The Nissan Titan is the other pickup truck in the Nissan vehicle line-up. While the vehicle has a lot of similarities with the Nissan Frontier, the Nissan Titan is larger, classified as a full-size pickup truck. The Nissan Titan has all the equipments that the Nissan Frontier can offer and more because it has a larger body to accommodate all these other equipments. The Nissan Titan is equipped with a more powerful engine, a V8, coupled with a 5-speed automatic transmission. It features a wider interior that can accommodate six passengers comfortably and has more space to house additional equipments.

Any of the two vehicles can satisfy the needs and wants of every pickup truck buyer. But with the wondrous equipments and the high quality parts these trucks are equipped with, you might find it a bit difficult to find Nissan truck parts that can match the quality of the original parts. One way to be sure that you get only the finest parts is to purchase only genuine Nissan truck parts from authorized Nissan parts dealers. You can also find high quality and high performance replacement Nissan truck parts from various aftermarket parts vendors, as many of these parts have also undergone rigid quality tests.