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Pontiac Firebird Fender

Answering Pontiac Firebird Fender Problems

Your Pontiac Firebird fender is definitely one of the most exposed parts of your car. Using an analogy, by the time an accident happens to your car, it's as if the fender had the front seat of a falling rollercoaster. Falling apart and being scratched or bent are common fates for the fender so you should know what to do in case these happen to you. We discussed below the common reasons behind fender problems as well as some ways to troubleshoot them.

Fender benders

Accidents that damage a vehicle are also known as fender benders because fenders take the bulk of the damage causing them to, well, bend or fall apart. There are a lot of reasons behind fender benders: the car in front of you suddenly stopped, the unnoticed traffic when you are driving out of the driveway, the crazy driver every neighborhood has, and so on. These types of accidents are usually covered by the warranty so it is always best to first consult your dealer.

Most drivers opt to leave their cars unrepaired after fender benders, particularly for minor accidents. They think that for as long as their car remains in a favorable, tolerable, functioning state, they are still good for a couple more years. However, you should know that the exposed metal caused by fender benders is extremely vulnerable to rust damage and risks other problems (such a possible falling-out of the car assembly or even constantly scratching other cars in the street). Therefore, it is highly recommend replacing a damaged fender.

Scratched fenders

A lot of things can leave scratches on your Pontiac Firebird fender: tight traffic, narrow roads, careless drivers, a dog, your kids, and you get the point. Given that a lot of things can cause this, it is extremely hard to avoid getting the fender scratched. Scratches could either mean damage on the paint or on the coating. If you only scraped the coating or finish, there should still be color left in the groove despite the scratch. For cases like this, a polishing compound would be enough. If the problem is scratched paint, then you would need a wax remover and a can of touch-up paint.

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  • Tips to Keep Your Pontiac Firebird Fender in Shape

    Need a reason to keep your Pontiac Firebird fender in shape? One, a dented, scratched, or loose fender takes a lot of points out of your car's looks. Two, DIY tasks involving fenders are difficult and time-consuming. Three, local shops would quote a VERY high price for fender replacements and repairs. Given that these are enough reasons to get you standing and on your way to your car now, you should first stop and read through some of the tips we listed below.

    Park the car indoors as much as possible

    Keeping your car inside the garage is a good way to prevent rust. Extreme changes in temperature and constant exposure to the sun or rain are harmful to the car's paint. If the car's paint weakens, then rust damage is more likely to occur. Yup, the paint does a lot more than color your car; paint seals the metal off from oxygen and moisture which prevents rust.

    Another good reason to keep your car inside is that it keeps it away from other cars, your kids' bike, a wondering dog, or a careless passerby-things that can damage the paint or coating of your Pontiac Firebird fender.

    Clean the fender regularly

    As any other part of your car, the fenders need and deserve a good scrub every now and then. Preferably once every two or three months, the wash would remove the dirt, dust, and any other residue that may have built-up on your car's surface. Other than making your vehicle look unkempt, dirt allows moisture to follow and will wear down the paint on the fender which will then cause, yup you've guessed it, rust.

    Wax it

    Applying wax on your Pontiac Firebird fender does not have to be very frequent; once a year of application is good enough. There are a lot of good waxes out in the market that can help protect the paint from the UV rays. It is advisable to go for standard liquid or paste waxes instead of the quick spray-on waxes.

    Also, be sure to apply the wax when in a cool shady area, doing otherwise could harm the finish of your vehicle.