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Pontiac G6 Headlight Assembly

Reasons for Your Pontiac G6 Headlight Assembly Malfunction

The headlight assembly is one of the most frequently used parts in your Pontiac G6 especially at night or when driving in low-visibility areas. It allows you to see through the road and consequently prevent meeting accidents. Unfortunately, due to the location of the headlight assembly in your vehicle, it is bound to get damaged especially by road debris and weather elements. Of course, it can also fail due to wear of certain components in the assembly such as the headlights, headlight housing, bulb, and lens. Here are some tips on what you can do to find out the causes of your Pontiac G6 headlight assembly failure:

Dimming and flickering

Possible reasons for dimming are a burned-out bulb, a bad ground, and dirty lens. Check these components before anything else. If you find that the bulb has reached its end or is damaged, replace it. If there is a bad ground, which is often a product of rusty bulb terminals or loose wiring, you may simply brush the terminals or change the bulb. Dirty lens could easily be cleaned or restored.

However, dimming may not be due to any problems in the headlight assembly itself. Sometimes, it could be due to problems in the electrical system of your vehicle especially when multiple car accessories and devices are being used all at the same time. There may be improper distribution or insufficient supply of power by the battery or alternator. Measure the current in these parts using a voltmeter.


Sometimes, moisture builds up inside the headlight lens, which could be indicative of a leak. First, inspect the surface of your headlight lens and headlight housing for cracks. Usually, water enters through these small fractures, eventually starting elecrical issues in your headlight assembly. When fixing cracks, removal of the headlight from the vehicle would be necessary. Once it is removed, make sure to let the inside dry up before proceeding with the repair. It is important to eliminate every drop of moisture in the headlight. Afterwards, you can already seal the cracks with epoxy. Apply epoxy on the exterior of the headlight as well to make the repair solid. It would also be better if you use silicone spray on the headlight bulb gasket. It will aid in making the gasket supple enough, ensuring a tight seal.

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  • Sustaining the Brightness of Your Pontiac G6 Headlight Assembly

    Your Pontiac G6 headlight assembly must always be in good condition. Without it properly functioning, it is impossible for you to drive safely at night or in places where there is low visibility. Never compromise your safety just because you neglected to take care of your headlight assembly. Create a maintenance routine for it so you are assured that your headlights won't malfunction especially under challenging road condition. Here are tips on how to keep your headlight assembly at its best:

    Check the headlight assembly for cracks or holes.

    Take a look at the exterior parts of your headlight assembly and inspect it for any physical damage. Usually, the assembly gets cracked due to road elements or other structure that collide with it. Also, check the seal at the seam, which holds the front lens to the assembly. Replace it if it is worn out.

    Inspect the lights and the sockets for moisture.

    You need to remove the headlight assembly in order to closely check the these components. Look for black burn marks, which might have possibly resulted from electrical shorts. The old wires of the sockets must then be cut and replaced. To seal the connections, you may use butt connectors with heat-shrinking feature.

    In addition to that, inspect the assembly unit for the cause/s of the short. Most likely, it is due to moisture trapped inside.

    Remove the moisture from the headlight assembly.

    Moisture inside the headlight assembly can be dried by placing it under the sun or by using a hair dryer. You may also try baking the assembly in the oven while it is wrapped in a towel. This method will allow the leaking seam to soften and reseal. It would also be better if you put on a bead of permatex compound or silicone sealant along the seam to avoid another incident of leaks in the future.

    Clean the headlight assembly.

    There are many ways of cleaning the lights in your headlight assembly. One common method is by applying toothpaste on a dry cloth and wiping it on the areas with grime. Another technique is by using an aluminum polish compound to clean off the haze and keep the headlights shiny.