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Scion Air Filter

If that peppy little vehicle you bought is starting to seem tired and slow to respond, perhaps it needs a new Scion air filter. If you want the best performance from your vehicle, the details make a difference. The small maintenance items, like the Scion air filter, count more in getting the most out of your vehicle's performance than you may realize. The Scion air filter is a very simple part, usually made mostly of a paper filtering medium, and its maintenance is just as simple, requiring about five minutes of your time to put in a new clean filter. On the other hand, the problems in vehicle performance that the neglect of this quick little maintenance item can cause are much more varied and complex. The Scion air filter has an important function, clearing the air that flows into your engine of debris that could be abrasive to the critical parts inside. It does this by filtering this stream of air as it passes through, collecting particles of debris, and allowing only the clean air to continue on to the engine. As the Scion air filter performs this task, collecting more dirt and dust every time the vehicle runs, its surface gradually becomes covered with these particles, allowing less air to pass through. When your engine is unable to get a sufficient flow of air, it cannot run efficiently and may begin to have performance problems such as a loss of power, rough running and idling, and increased fuel consumption to name a few. We have a selection of the Scion air filter at great low prices to help you avoid such problems. Ordering your Scion air filter from our secure site is just as easy as changing it, and out toll-free number is quick and convenient as well.