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Suzuki Corner Light

Cornering, steering or making turns around road curves and twists can cause accidents if other vehicles are not warned. The driver can make a signal but it may not be enough especially if the car is too far or the circumstances would not allow clearer visibility. That is why the car is equipped with components such as auto lights and mirrors to serve as warning devices as well as to provide clearer, wider and better vision.

The lighting system of the car is made up of various types of lights mounted on the sides, front and rear areas of the vehicle. On the back area are tail lights, brake lights and car led tail lights while on the front and sides are head lights or head lamps, fog lights, turn signal lights and clear corner lights or side marker lights. Clear corners are installed beside the head lamps right on the sides of the vehicle. Its main purpose is to give warning in case the driver wants to change directions to allow other drivers to adjust their speed, distance or direction.

Clear corner light is offered by various manufacturers, dealers and makers. Some auto models like Suzuki have their own custom made clear corners although can also make use of other brands as long as it is matched with the configurations of the car. Anyone in need of Suzuki clear corners can take a walk or a ride to their nearest auto market or much better they can order on-line. Modern technology paved way to the coming of on-line stores for easier and more convenient shopping and purchase especially when it comes to aftermarket and OEM auto parts and accessories replacements. Some stores are tied up with informative sites to aid buyers in choosing the right replacement that will fit the distinctness of their car.