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Suzuki Samurai Soft Top

Helpful Tips that Could Add Years to the Life of Your Suzuki Samurai Soft Top

If you love your Suzuki Samurai, you must love its soft top, too. You see, the outdoors have all the elements that are no less than harsh on your soft top. There's mildew, bird droppings, UV rays, tar, tree sap, dust, mud, and even rain. If after off-roading, you let these elements linger on your Suzuki Samurai soft top, it's possible that it will no longer be as good-looking and as efficient the next time you use it. So if you care about your Suzuki Samurai soft top and the money you spent on it, you've got to start taking care of it now.

  • Use only suitable convertible top cleaner.

There are two common soft-top material—vinyl and fabric. Each of these materials requires specific cleaning method and certain type of cleaner. The cleaner for vinyl can be too harsh for fabric or vice versa, so before you purchase a soft-top cleaner, see to it first that it is suitable for the kind of top you have.

  • Make sure to use the right cleaning method.

It is also important to apply the cleaning method that's appropriate for the soft top material. Vinyl tops require special cleaning method to protect their color and texture, and such methods may not be applicable to fabric tops. If you aren't sure of what's safe for your Suzuki Samurai soft top, do your research first so as not to end up ruining your top instead of cleaning it.

  • Apply protectant at a regular interval.

Maintaining the soft top always involves application of protectants that could ward off damaging elements and prevent them from causing damage unto the soft top material. Depending on the protectant you're using and the material of your top, you should apply protectant every 30 to 90 days.

  • Spot-clean hazardous elements as soon as possible.

When off-roading, there will always be times when a bird bomb will unfortunately hit your soft top. If you won't go home just yet or if you don't have enough time to do thorough cleaning immediately, then spot-clean the affected area to prevent the highly acidic bird droppings from damaging your soft top. Don't make it a habit, though, as frequent spot cleaning can leave unsightly spots on your top. Just do this when you don't have time or means to wash the entire top.

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  • Installation Tips to Keep in Mind to Prevent Damage to Your Suzuki Samurai Soft Top

    All your cleaning and maintenance efforts will be rendered useless if, in just a flick of a finger, you’ve caused damaged to your soft top due to improper handling during installation or because you followed incorrect instructions. So, as much as you want to have you Suzuki Samurai soft top installed immediately, you should also exercise caution when putting it in place. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

    Tip #1: Make sure to follow specific installation instructions.

    Not all vehicles are the same, even if they are of the same make and model. There will always be something that will distinguish one from the other. So when installing your soft top, be sure to check your owner’s manual as it contains installation instructions that are tailored to the Samurai’s specifications. If your soft top is new, you should also take time to read and follow the tips that usually come with it.

    Tip #2: Have an assistant handy.

    It is always important to ask for someone’s help especially if you think the installation instructions are a bit complicated. With an assistant, it would be easier for you to carefully stretch the top over the frame and to secure all the edges of the soft top.

    Tip #3: Do the installation when temperatures are above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

    This may be new to you, but yes, the outside temperature can affect your soft top installation. Generally, it is easier to install the soft top when the temperature is more than 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Why? It is because there are soft top materials that substantially shrink at lower temperatures and may, therefore, become a bit difficult to install. It’s okay if the top look wrinkled when first installed, it will just relax after a few days of being used on your Samurai.

    Tip #4: See to it that the windshield channel is properly secured before starting the installation.

    If it isn’t securely mounted while you are putting the soft top in place, one false move, and it may result in damage to your Suzuki Samurai or in personal injury. So before starting off with the installation, it pays big time to check out your windshield first.