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Suzuki Samurai Soft Top

Five Effective Ways to Maintain Your Suzuki Samurai Soft Top

No matter how much you love the sun and the great outdoors, you still have to install a soft top on your Suzuki Samurai. The soft top will provide the protection you need from the heat, rain, and UV rays. However, constant exposure of the soft top to these elements can cause it to fade, tear, or break. To make sure that the soft top on your Suzuki Samurai is in a good condition, here are some tips you should follow:

  • Apply protectants on your soft top.

    Whatever the time of the year is, you should apply the right type of protectant on your soft top regularly. Most soft tops are made from canvas or PVC material. Since these are considered breathable fabrics, they have been treated with water repellant chemicals. In time, these fabrics will break down and may start to cause leak. The protectants will help in maintaining the strength of the chemicals and prevent any signs of tear or leak on the soft top.

  • Always park your vehicle on a covered area.

    Whenever possible, you should always park your vehicle inside a garage or any covered parking area. Your garage or the covered parking area lessens the exposure of the soft top to the harmful elements outside. Although this isn't the answer for not using protectant on the soft top, but it can definitely prolong the good condition of the material.

  • Clean the soft top regularly.

    Before you start cleaning your car's soft top, make sure that you have the right cleaning products. Remember that the material used on the soft top is fabric or PVC. Using ordinary soap can have different effects on the material. It is better to check the manufacturer-recommended product for your soft top. There's also a cleaning set which includes a cleaner, protectant, and polisher. It is best to schedule the cleaning of the soft top together with your vehicle to save time.

  • Make sure to maintain the other parts.

    Whenever you have finished cleaning your car's soft top, make sure that the windows are clear and the zippers are also working well. Oil can help maintain the good condition of the zippers while the right type of cleaning cloth can maintain clear windows.

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