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Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly by Tokico

Tokico D-Spec Series Shocks give you almost infinite control of the damping specifics of each individual shock. This is made possible by use of a variable-aperture bypass--a simple, but elegant, breakthrough in adjustable shock technology. Simply adjust the slide valve to alter your compression and rebound damping at the same time. There's almost no limit to the combinations between max and minimum hardness and softness.

For over half a century Tokico has been at the forefront of hydraulic auto suspension technology. Beginning in the 1970's Tokico set out to tackle the problem of the conflict between ride stability and ride comfort. They are truly pioneers in the field and are the company that developed the twin-tube low-pressure gas shock absorber. Much of the technology Tokico created from scratch is now accepted as the industry standard around the world.

D-Spec shocks are particularly innovative. Their wide range of tuning means you could potentially drive the same car on the street, in racing venues, or even in auto-cross competition. It all depends on the settings you choose to maximize suspension performance/

Tokico D-Spec Series Shocks are a must for any performance enthusiast who drives one of the cars these shocks are made for/ They are available for installation on the following models: 95-04 Cavalier; 94-04 Mustang; 01-02 Civic; 02 Civic SI; 02-04 Infiniti G35; 03-04 Infiniti Coupe; 95-99 Nissan 240SX; 03-04 Nissan 350Z; 95-04 Pontiac Sunfire; and 01-03 Subaru WRX.

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Tokico Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly Articles

  • Tokico Series: D dash Spec Series 26 July 2012

    Tokico Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly

    If you want complete control of your suspension system, Tokico D-Spec Series Struts are the struts you need/ D-Spec technology lets you adjust the damping specifics on each individual shock to a virtually infinite number of settings. A simple slide valve controls the variable-aperture bypass, which enables you to tweak compression and rebound damping at the same time/ No other strut gives you this level of control.

    Since the 1950's Tokico has been a leading force in the hydraulic auto suspension industry. Over thirty years ago, they began work on the seemingly impossible task of creating shocks that provided both a high level of stability and a comfortable ride. As a result, Tokico was the first to develop the twin-tube low-pressure gas shock absorber that now serves as an industry standard and truly brought the hydraulic suspension to a new level around the world.

    The amazing tuning range on these struts means you can adjust your suspension for any situation from everyday street use to high performance racing, or even competitive auto-cross/ These adjustable struts will meet and beat the standards of even the most demanding suspension performance freak.

    Tokico D-Spec Series Struts are only available for the models listed here: 95-04 Cavalier; 94-04 Mustang; 01-02 Civic; 02 Civic SI; 02-04 Infiniti G35; 03-04 Infiniti Coupe; 95-99 Nissan 240SX; 03-04 Nissan 350Z; 95-04 Pontiac Sunfire; and 01-03 Subaru WRX.

  • Tokico Series: HP Series 19 July 2012

    Tokico Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly

    Tokico HP Series Shocks are the easily recognizable "Blue Shocks." No other shock is so well-known and widely used to maximize suspension performance. Anyone who values and reaches for peak performance knows to choose the HP Series first when looking for high performance shocks.

    The damping in the HP Series showcases the range of Tokico's valving technology. These shocks are designed to minimize damping force at low speeds. They also ratchet up the damping for middle range to top end piston speeds. This adaptability in valving means increased response and traction for all-around better handling. The twin-tube low-pressure design gives you the best level of control and comfort available in a gas-pressurized shock.

    Tokico entered the hydraulic suspension industry more than 50 years ago and has been at the forefront of pressurized gas shock technology. In the 1970's there were two kinds of shocks available: shocks that provided stability or shocks that provided a comfortable ride. No shock could yet combine these two mutually desirable qualities, but Tokico set out to do just that. They developed the twin-tube low-pressure gas shock that is now an industry standard for smooth ride AND stability all over the world.

    Today Tokico remains on the leading edge of technology by producing high performance aftermarket shocks and struts that push the envelope of suspension technology to enhance vehicle performance. Tokico HP Series Shocks are their flagship model and one of the main reasons for the company's unmatched reputation for producing top quality suspension components.

  • Tokico Series: HP Series 12 July 2012

    Lots of high performance enthusiasts know Tokico HP Series Struts simply as the "Blue Strut." For years it has easily been the number one choice for anyone looking to maximize suspension performance. It is the top-selling strut from the leader in gas-pressurized suspension technology.

    These struts make maximum use of Tokico's versatile valving technology. They keep damping force to an absolute minimum at low speeds but provide significantly increased damping when piston speed is medium to high. The amazing adaptability of the valving translates into enhanced traction and response for greatly improved handling.

    It was a different world when Tokico entered the automotive suspension industry more than 50 years ago. Even through the 1970's you had two simple choices for your suspension: you could have a stable ride OR a comfortable ride, but not both. Tokico was determined to overcome this seemingly insurmountable divide, and they did. When they developed the twin-tube low-pressure gas shock they set a new standard for the level of comfort and stability a suspension could provide.

    ss drivers every day, they justify the company's well-deserved reputation for excellence in suspension performance.

  • Tokico Series: Illumina Series 05 July 2012

    If you are serious about getting peak performance and handling from your car, you need to check out Tokico Illumina Series Shocks. These shocks give you added control over your suspension with a choice of five different settings to match your driving conditions. Depending on where you're driving, you may want a smooth comfortable ride or you may need maximum responsive handling. These shocks make it easy to overhaul your suspension for any driving conditions in just minutes. The five settings let you balance between your needs and desires with the simple turn of a screwdriver.

    Tokico has long been a pioneer in the field of automotive suspension technology. The company began more than 50 years ago and has consistently been in the forefront in providing maximum ride stability and comfort.

    From the invention of the car through the 1970's there were two choices in suspensions: those that provided stability and those that gave a comfortable ride. No shock provided both until Tokico tackled the problem head on and developed the twin-tube low-pressure gas shock. This radically innovative shock first came into wide use in the early eighties and truly revolutionized people's expectations for what a suspension could provide.

    Tokico continues to push the envelope in gas-pressurized shock technology by producing aftermarket suspension components that enable the same car to adjust performance between street and racing conditions. Tokico Illumina Series Shocks let countless users make an informed decision and tweak their suspensions to meet their exact driving needs.

  • Tokico Series: Illumina Series 28 June 2012

    Anyone serious about attaining optimum performance and handling from his suspension should consider using Tokico Illumina Series Struts. These adjustable struts let you choose from five positions to cater your suspension performance to match your driving needs. Whether you expect to be in a situation that demands razor sharp handling or one that calls for luxuriantly smooth comfort, you can set these struts to give you the ride you need. Simply by turning a screwdriver you can switch between the five settings and adjust to the necessary balance of comfort and handling that conditions require.

    Tokico has been a leader in the automotive suspension technology industry virtually since they first came into the business over 50 years ago. They have long been at the forefront of gas-pressurized shock technology and have been responsible for many of the most significant advancements in that field.

    Tokico utterly revolutionized the hydraulic suspension when they developed the twin-tube low-pressure gas shock. The great problem with shocks even into the 1970's was that they could provide either stability or comfort, but not both. The twin-tube low-pressure shock was the first to overcome this seemingly unbridgeable divide by joining maximum stability and premium comfort in one suspension.

    The company continues to maintain its pioneering status with innovative high-performance aftermarket suspension components like Tokico Illumina Series Struts. If you want a high degree of control over your car's suspension, no other strut will do.

  • Tokico Series: RAK Series 21 June 2012

    Lowering your car or truck is a big step and it comes with quite a few risks. Properly installing Tokico RAK Series Shocks will help you minimize those risks to get the best possible ride and performance from your lowered suspension.

    RAK Shocks are an important component in Tokico's advanced handling systems, which enable you to lower your vehicle for enhanced handling and a distinctive appearance. These shocks come either in the non-adjustable, high performance HP Series, or if you'd like to be able to tweak your suspension on demand, in the five-setting adjustable Illumina Series.

    Tokico has been bringing innovations to hydraulic shock technology virtually since the company began over 50 years ago. Perhaps their greatest innovation was solving the problem of how to combine stability and a smooth ride in the same shock. When you were choosing shocks In the old days you had to decide whether you wanted a stable suspension or a comfortable ride, you couldn't have both. Tokico took up this problem in the 1970's, and by 1982 had developed and released the twin-tube low-pressure gas shock for wide use. This shock set a new standard by providing both rock-steady stability and a silky-smooth ride all in one shock.

    They continue to be pioneers in the world of hydraulic suspensions. Their aftermarket shocks and suspension systems are the most advance out there. If you're thinking about lowering your car, Tokico RAK Series Shocks have the technology to handle the demands lowering makes on your suspension.

  • Tokico Series: RAK Series 14 June 2012

    The decision to lower your car or truck is a big one that involves a number of risks. One way to help keep those risks to a minimum is to use Tokico RAK Series Struts. When they are properly installed, they'll give you the best ride and performance possible from your lowered suspension.

    RAK Struts make up one element of Tokico's advanced handling systems. These systems not only improve your handling, they give your vehicle a cool and distinct look. These struts are available either in the high performance non-adjustable HP Series or, for more control over your suspension, in the adjustable five-setting Illumina Series.

    Tokico has been a pioneering force in the world of hydraulic shocks almost since they first opened their doors back in the 1950's. They are the company you should thank every time you drive in a car that gives you a silky smooth ride on a rock steady suspension. Right up through the 1970's there were two choices in shocks: stable shocks, or comfortable shocks. You couldn't have both. Tokico spent years developing the twin-tube low-pressure gas shock and released it for wide use in 1982. These shocks revolutionized the hydraulic suspension and created a new standard for stability AND comfort.

    Today the company remains at the forefront of pressurized-gas shock and strut technology. As long as they continue to produce innovative suspension components like Tokico RAK Series Struts, no one else is likely to catch up to them.

  • Tokico Series: Trekmaster Series 07 June 2012

    Tokico Trekmaster Series Shocks are the best choice for optimum performance from your truck or SUV suspension. These shocks use Tokico's advanced valve technology to manage oil flow and avoid the proper damping control issues that plague many truck and SUV suspensions. The result is better steering response and significant improvements in braking, cornering and overall ride quality.

    More than any other company, Tokico has contributed to the improvements in hydraulic suspension technology over the last half a century. Since the company opened its doors back in the mid-1950's, it has been a consistent leader in the quest for the perfect suspension. Over 30 years ago they set out to solve one of the great problems in the industry--how to create a shock that provided both stability and a comfortable ride. They spent years of time and effort developing the twin-tube low-pressure gas shock. For the first time, this shock combined complete stability and the comfort of a smooth ride in the same suspension.

    The Trekmaster is designed to give a perfect balance between compression and rebound. By giving less rebound resistance at low piston speeds, these shocks provide increased traction along with a better ride. Higher rebound resistance at medium and high piston speeds allows better control of chassis pitch and lean. And these shocks don't overdo it on compression damping. They provide exactly enough damping to maximize traction and minimize harsh impact for the best ride possible.

    Tokico Trekmaster Series Shocks will improve your ride stability and comfort off-road and on the street. They are easily the best choice in aftermarket shocks for your truck or SUV.

  • Tokico Series: Trekmaster Series 31 May 2012

    Tokico Trekmaster Series Struts will give you the steadiest, most comfortable ride you can get from your truck or SUV. They are specifically designed to let you easily make the transition from off-roading to street and highway driving. Tokico's unmatched valving technology manages oil flow so you won't have to worry about the damping control difficulties so common in truck and SUV suspensions. These struts will give you better steering response, and highly improved cornering, braking, and overall ride quality.

    Tokico has been a pioneering force in hydraulic suspension technology for over 50 years. Until the 1980's there were basically two choices for your suspension: stable shocks or comfortable shocks. Tokico solved the problem of how to create a shock that provide both stability and comfort. After years of research and development, they created the twin-tube low-pressure gas shock and established a new standard for hydraulic suspensions.

    Trekmasters work so well because they maintain a perfect balance between rebound and compression. At low piston speeds they give less rebound resistance, providing better traction along with a smoother ride. At medium and high piston speeds they give higher rebound resistance for better control of chassis pitch and lean. And they give just the right amount of compression damping for maximized traction and minimized impacts.

    Tokico Trekmaster Series Struts are the finest struts you can put on your truck. They'll always give you exactly what you need from your suspension whether you're off-roading or just cruising down the street.