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Toyota Camry Fog Light

A Guide to Troubleshooting Your Toyota Camry Fog Lights

Installing a set of Toyota Camry fog lights will help you see the road better when you're driving through dust, rain, snow, or other forms of bad weather. However, this electrical equipment can also malfunction. Here are some things that you have to do in order to troubleshoot them:

Checking the fuse box

The Camry's fuse box can be located behind the left coin tray on the passenger's side of the dashboard. You'll need to open this when your fog lights stop working because malfunctioning electrical equipment can be caused by a broken fuse. Check the fog light's fuse to see if its wiring is still intact, and if it isn't, replace it with a new one. Make sure you've seated the fuse properly before shutting the fuse box and turning on the fog lights.

Wiring aftermarket fog lights

Toyota's production methods will give you a Camry with a bumper that already has spaces for aftermarket fog lights, but its factory hasn't configured the wiring to carry any additional electrical load. This means that your Toyota Camry fog lights might burn the wiring out if you wire them directly to the headlights. Use an extra relay to the low beam or wire an additional switch to make sure that your new fog lights can get the power they need without causing problems for the rest of your lighting system.

Using a voltmeter on the fog light circuit

The Camry's fog lights get their electricity from your battery. This charge travels through a lot of wires and relays before it gets to the actual fog light bulbs. You'll need to check this circuit with a voltmeter when you find that you're not getting any power to the bulbs. Begin doing so by turning on your fog lights and opening your hood. Then, place the voltmeter's black-wired tip onto a metal part near your fog light switch. Afterwards, place the red-wired tip onto the in terminal of the switch. If you don't get a reading on your voltmeter's display, the wiring between the switch and the fuse is faulty. If you do get a reading, move on to the out terminal and check your voltmeter. If you don't get a reading, then the fault lies with the fog light switch itself. Afterwards, test the fog light units individually. If you don't get a reading from one of them, your problem lies with that unit. If you do get a reading, then your problem lies with the wires in between the unit and the switch.

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  • Three Simple Changes that Improve Your Toyota Camry Fog Lights

    Did you know that you can actually change your Toyota Camry fog lights? Adjusting these lights will actually help them perform better for you. Here are three simple ways in which you can maintain your fog lights by changing them a little:

    Choose a color.

    Because your fog lights are supposed to improve your ability to see the road in poor weather conditions, you need to make sure that you don't get blinded by it instead. If you find yourself unable to see what's in front of you because your fog lights turn them all into the same color, change your bulbs or the entire fog light units to a different color. You might be able to see better if you had white lights instead of the traditional yellow, or you might want selective yellow bulbs instead of white.

    Correct its aim.

    Another way in which your fog lights might be too blinding is that it can be aimed too high. Instead of seeing what's directly in front of you, you might actually be making it harder for yourself and the drivers in front of you to see because of the glare. You can make your fog lights work better by adjusting their aim. Just park your Camry so that your lights are shining on a flat surface that's about twenty feet away. Move the lights up, down, left, or right, until you find an angle you're comfortable with.

    Customize your Camry.

    If you're not living in an area that doesn't experience a lot of rain, fog, or snow, you express your personality with your Toyota Camry fog lights. You can change the color of your fog lights with the help of an inexpensive roll of window tint. This 15-minute project starts with cleaning your fog lights with water and a soft towel. Once they've dried completely, measure a piece of the window tint against each fog light lens so that you know it's exact shape. Cut this shape out before wetting the fog light lens and removing the tint's backing. This will expose its adhesive so that you can apply it to the lens. Carefully remove any air bubbles that have formed with a plastic scraper and you're done with all the "hard" work. Let the tinted lens dry overnight before putting it onto your Camry.