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Toyota Corolla Carpet

Quick Fix for Your Toyota Corolla Carpet Problems

One of the most disturbing parts of your car is the one beneath your feet. Years of eating and smoking in the car has ruined your carpet with stains and awful stench. However, not only does a dingy Toyota Corolla carpet embarrassing, it's also very dangerous to your health. You don't have to wallow in a mucky and dirty interior. Here are some ways that you can fight and fix Toyota Corolla carpet problems.

Stubborn stains

Some stains on your carpet are removed just by wet cleaning it. Stains are especially easier to clean when you performed first aid fixes on it like wiping it with wet ones before it can go deeper in the fabric. However, there are stubborn stains that require stain removal product treatments. Make sure you apply the product before wet cleaning the carpet to increase its efficiency. Organic stains like blood and vomit can be removed with white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Glass cleaner and ink stains, on the other hand, can be removed with paint thinner.

Moldy carpet

Aside from the musky odor, mold or mildew in your carpet present serious health risks if left unattended. First thing you should do is find the source of the moisture. Snow and rain residue from your shoes could be the cause. Remove the moisture from your carpet. Use absorbent towels to soak up the moisture. Then apply a paste mixture of lemon juice, table salt and water. Let the mixture seep into the affected area leave for 30 minutes then vacuum clean the area.

Smelly carpet

Nobody likes riding a vehicle that smells like old socks. To get rid of the awful stench, apply Borax or baking soda on your carpet then let it sit for an hour before vacuuming. The longer you leave the Borax or baking soda on your carpet, the more effective it is.

Dust mites

Nowadays, any mention of dust mites can make anyone psychologically unstable. And it's not without reason. Aside from the fact that they look terrifying under a microscope, dust mites can cause asthma attacks and several lung problems, so dirty carpets can quickly escalate from a simple hygiene issue to a health problem. Fix your carpet's dust mite issue by treating it to a steam cleaning or hot-water extraction. Steam cleaning uses pressure to force hot water against the carpet. The high temperature process effectively gets rid of the dust mites. If steam cleaning is not an option, you can apply Borax on the entire surface of your carpet and leave for an hour before vacuuming. Repeating this procedure effectively kills the dust mites.

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  • Tips on How to Care for Your Toyota Corolla Carpet 27 February 2013

    Often, vehicle owners care more about how a vehicle looks like on the outside than how they, themselves feel when inside the vehicle. Not only does a dirty and worn looking carpet pitiful to look at, it also reflects your unpleasant personal hygiene. Keeping your Toyota Corolla carpet neat and healthy is not even rocket science and will only take a few minutes of your time. Here are some tips on how you can care for your carpet.

    Clean it regularly

    Contrary to what most people think, your body's daily interaction with your car's carpet is not limited to your shoes and feet. This is because your carpet acts like the biggest filter in your car. This means that it contributes to the cleanliness of the air that circulates in the vehicle's cabin. The carpet holds soil, pollens, dust and chemicals that would otherwise be airborne. Once the car carpet has become saturated with allergens and dirt, they have nowhere else to go but your lungs. You can clean your carpet in two ways: Dry cleaning is the process that is normally preferred by professionals. It entails the use of a dry cleaning powder, like Borax, applied on the carpet then gets vacuumed afterwards.Wet cleaning is the more thorough and longer way of cleaning your carpet. Use a cleaning solution, like a mild car shampoo, and mix it with hot water. Note that wet cleaning takes longer to finish as you would need to allow the carpet to completely dry before stepping back inside your vehicle.

    Visual inspection

    The carpet is one of the most used parts of your vehicle, but often, the most neglected since you don't normally look down. With everyday use, the carpet gets worn and frayed and sometimes can even get damaged. Use your cleaning schedule to give the carpet a little attention. Watch out for burns, stains, signs of fading and fraying on the edges. The best way to care for your carpet is to be aware of its problems so you can address them sooner.

    Out with the really old

    Replacing your Toyota Corolla carpet requires serious dough, so if you are considering it, then make sure that you've done all troubleshooting and cleaning before reaching for your wallet. Fix what can be mended, clean what can be cleaned and restore what can be restored. However, you have to admit that, that at some point, you would have to give in and replace your 30-year old carpet.