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Toyota Corolla Door Handle

Solving Toyota Corolla Door Handle Dilemmas: A Troubleshooting Guide

You probably don't give much thought to your Toyota Corolla door handle, but it's actually one of the simplest exterior accessories that can instantly jazz up your ride's overall look. Even if it's just a slice of ordinary plastic or a piece of polished metal, a door handle can definitely boost your Corolla's charm. A busted or damaged door handle will not only make it difficult for you to get in and out of your car, but it will also decrease the aesthetic appeal of your ride. Simple as this problem may seem, it can be extremely annoying and time-consuming to deal with a jammed, broken, or sagging door handle. But don't let this ruin your day. We've come up with a quick troubleshooting guide below to help you find the cause behind common door handle problems.

Stuck door handle

If your Toyota Corolla door handle won't budge no matter how much force you exert on it, then do a visual inspection first before getting annoyed and losing your cool. A stuck door handle is usually caused by a faulty or busted lock. To repair this problem, spray some dry lubricant into the door lock's key hole. Make sure the spray-on lubricant has a thin straw at the nozzle end so that you can spray the liquid directly inside hole and cover the entire area. This will help free the stuck lock so that you can open and close the car door without difficulty. To ensure your door handle's now working properly, insert a key into the hole and try to turn it several times. You may also try opening and closing the door to test the handle. If it's still stuck, spray more lubricant into the key hole. If the door handle still won't budge after several blasts of lubricant, then it's time to look for a replacement.

Faulty automatic door mechanism

If you're having problems with your Toyota Corolla automatic door handle, you probably have a short in the door wires or a defective electrical system. A voltmeter can help you test the wiring and determine whether the automatic door mechanism has gone faulty. To test the mechanism, connect the wire clips to the right terminals and study the readings properly. Take your vehicle to an auto electric repair shop to fix the problem.

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  • Top Tips in Keeping Your Toyota Corolla Door Handle in Good Condition

    Dealing with a busted Toyota Corolla door handle is no joke. It can annoy you to no end and also pose a threat to your safety when disregarded. If you don't want to encounter problems getting in and out of your Corolla, you need to practice proper maintenance and give adequate attention to your door handle. Because of its simple function, the door handle is often neglected by most car owners when doing routine inspections and maintenance. If you're not performing regular upkeep on your door handle, it will wear out prematurely and work less efficiently. To make things worse, a neglected, scratched, and busted door handle can also take away your Corolla's charm. To preserve your ride's pristine look, repair, restore, and polish your door handle. Follow the maintenance tips we've listed below to keep your Toyota Corolla door handle in good condition.

    Lubricate the inside of your door handle regularly.

    Grease, dust, and grime will harden and build up inside the door handle over time. This can damage the internal parts of the handle, particularly the lock. If you don't want to deal with a stuck door handle, regularly spray on some door-lock lubricant into the key hole. This will prevent the lock from getting gummed up and also protect the door handle from premature wear. Door-lock lubricants are available in most auto supply stores. Make sure you get the spray-on type with a good nozzle straw so that the lubricant can be blasted directly into the hole.

    Apply polishing compound and paint sealant on your door handle.

    A smoothing hand polish can easily remove light scratches and nicks on your door handle. Make sure to use a microfiber foam applicator when polishing the scratches to cover the entire area, including the metal behind the handle. To remove deep scratches and fill in other blemishes, apply glaze on your door handle. A coat or two of quality paint sealant can help protect the handle's finish and leave it looking spotless for a longer period of time.