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Toyota Corolla Turn Signal Light

Top Four Causes of Toyota Corolla Turn Signal Light Problems

Don't panic when the turn signal lights in your Toyota Corolla suddenly stop working. Just like the other components in your car, turn signal lights will also wear out at some point. When this happens, you should be ready to do some troubleshooting to detect the problem the earliest time possible. This way, you can immediately apply the necessary repair procedure to fix your headlights. Here are some of the common signs of turn signal lights failure and the reasons behind them:

Blinking turn signal lights

There are several reasons why signal lights blink really fast. One of them is a damaged bulb. When any of the bulbs in the headlamp fails, the resistance switches suddenly get confused. They tend to switch the lights on and off in a very fast manner. To check the bulb's condition, you can use an ohm meter. Simply put the terminals on the bulb's electrical contact to see if it has power. Replace the bulb if it shows no power at all.

One turn signal light stopped working

It is possible for one of the two turn signal lights to suddenly stop blinking. When this happens, check the bulbs. A broken filament is the primary cause of bulb failure. Unfortunately, it is irreparable; hence you must have it replaced. Inspect the sockets too if they are corroded. You can brush the socket with a wire brush to scrape off rust, but in most cases, corroded sockets require replacement as well.

Turn signal lights stopped flashing

You need to examine the flasher when the signal lights are not flashing. You must try pushing either the right or left turn signal switch. While you're doing this, try observing the light on the dash. If the lights remain lit without blinking, it means that the flasher is faulty and needs to be replaced.

All turn signal lights stopped working

If there is no Toyota Corolla turn signal light working, it is an indication of a blown fuse. You need to open the fuse box to verify this. The location and number of the turn signal light fuse in Corolla models vary, so you have to check your vehicle owner's manual. However, the fuse box is usually located under the dash of the left steering column. Install a new fuse to make the lights work again.

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  • Useful Tips to Follow when Cleaning the Toyota Corolla Turn Signal Light

    Regular cleaning is important to keep the Toyota Corolla turn signal light in excellent condition. This will help you prolong the life of this vital light assembly. You can also save a lot of money because you will have smaller chances of replacing it or paying a mechanic to have it repaired. So gear up and prepare your cleaning tools. Here are some of the most effective ways to keep your signal lights neat and polished.Cleaning the electrical components

    • Spray electrical contact cleaner onto bulb sockets.
    • Bulb contacts or sockets are prone to corrosion. Rust can impede electric current, which causes the bulbs on your Corolla to flicker and eventually blow off. You can apply electrical contact cleaner in the sockets to get rid of rust. This cleaning agent is available at your local auto parts store. Another option would be white vinegar. It has excellent cleaning properties that are very effective in dissolving grime and corrosion.
    • Apply deoxidizing fluid over electric wires.
    • For the lights to work properly, their electrical wires must be properly connected. Cleaning the cable pins is therefore necessary to prevent corrosion and dirt particles from obstructing the flow of electricity. You can apply deoxidizing fluid on the wire connectors to protect them from rust. It also has great cleaning ability, which keeps the wires squeaky clean.
    Cleaning the turn signal light lens
    • Wash the lens.
    • Washing the lens clears out dust, sand, and mud. This is a very easy task because you can use the typical cleaners that you can find at your very own home. You can soak your lens with dishwashing liquid diluted in water. You can use other cleansers as long as there's no ammonia and other strong chemicals.
    • Coat the lens with wax and sealant.
    • Protecting your Corolla turn signal light lenses with wax or sealant is very important. Sealants add a thin layer or film that prevents moisture and air from entering the light assembly. They also inhibit oxidation, which makes lens foggy or cloudy. For best results, you need to apply this once every four months.