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Toyota T100 Door Handle

Troubleshooting Tips: Toyota T100 Door Handle

You got dressed in under five minutes this morning, skipped breakfast, and drove like mad to get to work on time. You would not have been late if not for your door handle that, apparently, is not being friendly to you today. What could be possibly worse than being late for a meeting because you happen to be stuck inside your car for some precious minutes because the door handle in your Toyota T100 just won't work? We understand the frustration, since the door handle is one of those parts in your car that you kind of look past during maintenance services. You just never thought it would eventually give way too, do you? Fear not, tomorrow will be a different day if you follow the troubleshooting tips below to augment your situation until you find the time to bring your car for repairs.

From inside: Remove the plastic encasing of the door handle.

Remove the plastic encasing using a flathead screwdriver. If you don't have one stashed handily in your glove box, you can try prying the encasing open using a coin. After you have removed the encasing, you should see the rod mechanism running from the door handle to the lock. Give a little pull and your car should open like normal. Fair warning though; this can be a little tricky, given that you are risking damaging the door handle mechanism as a whole if you are not careful enough.

From outside: Gain access from the window.

Sure, it sounds like we are advising you to try carjacking your own car; but before we put you off with this idea, let us defend ourselves by saying that this troubleshooting tip is endorsed by automotive service centers worldwide. Practically so, since there definitely is no other way to reach the door handle mechanism if not from your car windows. To do this, you should roll the window down and carefully wedge a nonmetal object between the glass and the door panel. You should see a long rod of some sort that releases the lock mechanism, reach for it and trip it to open your car door. And, voila! You are inside your car in a jiffy!

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  • Maintenance Tip: Toyota T100 Door Handle

    The foremost rule when discussing car care is preemptive maintenance. Don't wait until something breaks down; to save yourself from unnecessary hassles-and unnecessary budget blunders-take care of your car like it is your own flesh and blood. Take the door handle in your Toyota T100 for example; like a quiet, undemanding son, it does not complain outwardly even after time and wear have taken their toll. It suffers in silence, so it is up to you to regularly check up on things to make sure any problems, however slight they may be, are promptly resolved. Below are some subtle hints that may indicate your door handle is about to give way:

    Does it squeak?

    The lock and the trip mechanism of your car door handle is linked by an assortment of rods and cables that should always be well-lubricated. Lubrication not only ensures smooth operation, but the grease you apply to it also lessens the degrading effects of changing temperature of the car's environment. It's fairly easy to do this, however, you will need to pry your car door's interior trimmings to do this.

    Does the outside handle feel jammed when you pull it?

    The usual culprit that causes the handle to feel jammed at times is dust buildup. Remember that the car door handle is always exposed to foreign matter whether you are moving or on park. Before worse problems arise, always see to it that you clean the door handle entirely, including the small nooks and crannies that dust often hides at and accumulates to form a more solid matter.

    Is the exterior part of the handle showing visible signs of wear?

    Do you see any scratches or cracks on the door handle? This is often caused by stone hits and changing climates. Not that this can affect the internal structure of the car door handle, but since you are trying to maintain the part in good condition, it won't hurt to check its physical aspect as well. This is easy to repair; you can shave, sand, and repaint the handle to retain its original luster and strength.