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Toyota T100 Tail Light Assembly

Common Issues with the Toyota T100 Tail Light Assembly

You wouldn't want to drive around with a faulty tail light, so you'd better find out what's wrong with your Toyota T100 tail light assembly quickly before you take it out again. The T100 is an older pickup from Toyota having been produced from 1993 up to 1998, so you probably need to fix or replace a couple of things in it to get your tail lights running properly again. It's a good thing that it's quite easy to troubleshoot tail light problems, you don't even need to visit a mechanic to get them running again. Just go through our quick guide and you'll get your lights up in no time at all.

Check which lights are broken

You might need someone to help you out since you can't really see your lights while you're in the driver's seat. Once you've verified which light or lights are broken, then you can proceed to troubleshooting the problem. Most of the time, if there's only one bulb that won't light up, then it probably has a worn out bulb or has faulty wiring. But if both lights are out, then you might have to take a look at your vehicle's fuse as well.

Faulty bulbs

Your vehicle's lights won't last forever, and they'll burn out once they've reached the end of their service life. Check your tail light's bulb by removing it from the assembly and inspecting the filament wire inside. If you notice that it looks burned are has snapped into two, then you simply have to replace the bulb. However, if you think that the filament still looks good, then you should check for other problems in your tail light assembly.

Blown fuses

If your tail light assembly simply won't light up, then you might have a blown fuse. You'll need to inspect your vehicle's manual so you could easily locate the fuse for your tail lights. Examine it and see if it needs to be replaced. If the fuse is okay or the lights still won't turn on after replacing the fuse, then you might have some problems with your tail light's wiring.

Loose wires

If both options above haven't solved your problem, then you need to take a look at your tail light's wiring. Make sure that all connections are attached properly, so you can rule out improper installation. You'd also want to use a multimeter or even a test light to determine if there's a broken wire in your tail light assembly. Damaged wiring cannot be easily fixed, and you might need your mechanic to take a look at it instead.

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  • Tips on Maintaining Your Toyota T100 Tail Light Assembly

    Your Toyota T100 is one tough truck, but you need to stick to a regular maintenance schedule to make sure that all its parts are working perfectly. One area that most people forget to maintain is the tail light assembly, which can be very important especially when you're driving at night. You wouldn't want to be rear ended by a vehicle behind you just because you've got faulty tail lights now would you? Go through some of our tips to keep your Toyota T100 tail light assembly running like new all the time.

    Clean your tail lights from the inside

    You can easily clean your tail gate assembly from the outside whenever you have your car washed, but the interior area of your tail lights need to be cleaned too. Dirt and moisture can get inside the tail lights, which in turn can diminish their brightness and effectiveness at night. You'll have to disassemble your Toyota T100 tail light assembly so you could wipe the area clean of dirt and moisture. Apart from that, you'll have to check the seals around the tail light to see if they need to be replaced. The reason that moisture has seeped into the tail light assembly is probably from a leak around it, so it's best to have the seals checked and replaced.

    Clear up foggy tail lights

    Even with regular cleaning, your car's tail lights could get foggy after a while. The plastic housing of your tail lights could get scratched from daily wear and tear or turn yellowy from age due to oxidation. You can buff your tail lights using some plastic cleaner to clear them up or use some sand paper to polish them for deeper scratches. Be careful when using sand paper as you could damage your tail lights even more. If you aren't sure of what to do, you could have a professional do it for you instead.

    Clean the mounting bolts and connectors around your lights

    Dust and grime can seep into every crack around your truck. In turn, they can interfere with the operation of various car parts. For your lights, dirt can affect the electrical connections causing a "bad" ground. Use a wire brush to clean your connectors and surrounding hardware to get rid of dirt and wipe them clean with a rag afterwards.