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Toyota Tundra Headlight Assembly

Helpful Tips to Work With the Common Toyota Tundra Headlight Assembly Problems

You can have different kinds of problems on your Toyota Tundra headlight assembly. The most common are the malfunctioning and oxidized headlights. Because you're prone to experience these problems, here are tips to help you succeed in troubleshooting them:

Flickering lights

If you notice that your headlights flicker while you're driving at night, you should check them as soon as you get home to avoid driving blindly. This flickering can be caused by a loose bulb, so you need to remove the headlight assembly and make sure that the light bulb is properly secured in the socket. If doing this doesn't fix the problem, you have to check the wiring of your headlight for any loose or grounding wires as these may interrupt the flow of electricity. To be sure, you can have a mechanic check the wiring. Remember, driving at night without working headlights is highly dangerous and is a violation of the law.

Cloudy lenses

Your headlight assemblies can get heavily oxidized overtime, especially if left unmaintained. This is usually the case on plastic lenses. That's why it's very important to regularly clean your headlights inside and out to prevent them from becoming cloudy or foggy and from increasing your risk of getting into an accident. However, cleaning them isn't the only solution because you can also prevent oxidation by ensuring that the sides of the assemblies are sealed to prevent moisture from building up inside. This way, you can be sure that your headlight assemblies will be as clear as new.

Dim headlights

Although not exactly a problem that roots from the headlight assembly, the light from it may start to appear dim once your Tundra's electrical system begins to get strained by other electrical devices. You may consider checking the bulbs for any sign of wear should the lights become dim. But you can also look at a malfunctioning alternator or a weak battery as culprits of this problem. To know which of the two is at fault, you can check the power flow on the battery using a volt meter. If it reads positively, the alternator should be replaced. Otherwise, replacing the battery should keep your headlights bright.

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  • Cleaning Tips to Make Your Toyota Tundra Headlight Assembly to Look as Good as New

    Your Toyota Tundra headlight assembly can get really dirty and heavily oxidized if not maintained well. Being busy isn't an excuse as there are quick and different ways to clean your headlight assemblies. Take note of these useful tips to leave your assemblies clean and clear:

    Wash with soap and water.

    You can wash your headlight assemblies the way you would clean the rest of your car. Mixing mild dishwashing soap with warm water and using a sponge should get rid of any dirt or grime on your assemblies.

    Use regular white toothpaste.

    If you're using toothpaste to clean the lenses on your assemblies, make sure that it is regular white toothpaste. Using gel, flavored, or whitening toothpaste won't give you the best results, and they may even damage your headlights.

    Polish the lenses.

    You can use an aluminum polishing compound to achieve the shine you want on your headlights. Keep in mind that you need to use a dry soft cloth to spread the polishing compound on the lenses in circular motion. Buffing the surface off with a clean cloth should make your headlights shiny.

    Sand the assemblies.

    When you're sanding your headlights, you can start with 400-grit sandpaper and followed by 1200-grit and 1500-grit sandpapers. Just make sure that before you scrub, you soak your sandpapers in water for a few minutes. Also, you have to fill a bottle spray with water to continuously wet the sandpaper. And most importantly, don't forget to sand in a side-to-side motion only.

    Buy the kit.

    You can buy commercial cleaning kits that include sandpaper pads, lubricant, cleaning polish, and sealant from any auto supply store. At least, when you get this kit, you can be sure that all these items will get the job done.

    Get the UV-safe deoxidizer.

    Scrubbing and applying different kinds of chemicals actually strip away the UV layer on your assemblies. And as more layers are removed, your headlights will gradually become yellowish. To avoid this, you can buy a UV-safe deoxidizer in auto supply stores. This product won't harm the UV layers and will keep your lenses clean.

    Try baking soda.

    You can also clean your headlights with baking soda. Just mix it with water until you make a paste. Scrubbing the baking soda paste on your assemblies in circular motion using a soft cloth should remove dirt and grime.