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Toyota Tundra Tail Light Assembly

Troubleshooting Your Toyota Tundra Tail Light Assembly

The tail light assembly on your Tundra consists of more than just the red and yellow lights that signal what you want to do to the drivers behind you. The assembly is also made up of wires, panels, and covers among other components. This is why it can be hard to find out precisely which part has malfunctioned. But, you will still need to troubleshoot your Toyota Tundra tail light assembly because you need working tail lights to show where you are at night, where you want to turn, or if you're stepping on the brakes.

Burnt-out bulbs

The first idea that often pops into people's minds when their turn signals and brake lights stop working is that your light bulbs have blown out. Bulbs that need replacing will have broken filaments and dark brown spots. Take care while changing your light bulbs because they could break or the oil from your hands could cause another burn-out.

Issues with the fuse

If you continue to experience multiple blowouts even after you've changed the tail light bulbs on your Tundra, then your fuse could be the culprit. Confirm this by finding the fuse panel underneath your dashboard, at the knee bolster area that touches your left knee as you drive. This panel is just to the left of your hood release handle. Locate the fuse that's been labeled as "tail" with help from the map on the panel door. If the tail fuse is blown, you will need to replace it with a new one.

Faults in the light switch

Sometimes the problem could lie with the switch that turns your signals on and off. Sit on the driver's seat and flip the switch while feeling for any looseness. If the switch is loose or if it fails to stay active, then the problem lies with it and not with your Tundra's tail light assembly.

Kinks in the wiring

If you've recently changed your bulbs but your fuse is fine, then your problem could lie within the wiring of your tail lights. One of the wires could be damaged or loose. You'll have to follow your Tundra's wiring schematics to follow the wires around the assembly and check for grounds, breaks, or burnt spots.

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  • How to Maintain Your Toyota Tundra Tail Light Assembly

    Even though you can't see the tail lights at the back of your Tundra while you're driving, you're still able to do so many things with them. You can announce your presence on the road when it's dark. You can tell the drivers behind you that you intend to turn left or right soon. You can even warn them that your foot is on the brake pedal and they should follow suit as well. Because it does these very important things, you should ensure that your Toyota Tundra tail light assembly keeps working. Here are some ways that you can do so:

    Customize your tail lights

    Although you may not be able to see it while you drive, you can actually change up the way your Tundra looks from the back if you change your tail lights. While you can't change the red brake lights to any other color because the cops will come after you if you do, you can still replace their bulbs with a different type, like an LED. You can also choose an assembly that doesn't look like three rectangular stripes. Instead, you can get custom assemblies in different designs that feature circles and starbursts to show off your personality better.

    Replace burnt-out bulbs

    A burnt-out bulb can turn your Tundra into a road hazard, so be sure to check your tail lights regularly. Make sure that you buy the appropriate replacement bulbs in the right voltage and color for your tail light assembly. Then, unscrew the cover, take out the broken original equipment and change their bulbs before screwing everything back in.

    Get a tail light guard

    No matter how regularly you clean your Tundra, your tail lights can get dirty thanks to the road debris that's flung onto it while you drive. What's more, they can also scratch the cover, making your lights harder to see at night. You can help protect your assembly from rock chips and clods of dirt by installing a tail light guard. These tough-looking bars can also enhance your Toyota's appearance and make it look more unique. Just make sure to protect your investment by waxing them every so often. They'll last longer and work better that way.