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Volkswagen A/C Condenser

Winter makes you go look for sources of heat and summer definitely makes you look for something that would cool you down like ice cold beverages, pool dipping or sea swimming and surfing, or just simply comforting yourself with the breeze of an air conditioning unit. Traveling during summer or at any day when the very hot sun is up can absolutely make you appreciate the goodness of an automobile air conditioning unit, much more if you are caught up in the middle of big city traffic where automobile emissions can really make you sick. Quality and reliable air conditioner can you're your hot travel into a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Volkswagen cars are known as people's car and when you say people's car, it certainly satisfies the basic things people look for in a car and one of is a good unit of air conditioning system. If you feel that the temperature is becoming irregular than the usual, then maybe you check out if your Volkswagen A/C condenser still works properly. The importance of air conditioning is equivalent to the importance of its parts. One essential part of it is the A/C condenser which is responsible for radiating all the heat air conditioning unit has absorbed.

The process starts with the refrigerant that enters the vehicle's A/C condenser as a gas after absorbing much of the heat inside the vehicle's cabin. With the aid of the engine fan, and other additional auxiliary fans, the condenser cools down the refrigerant and condenses it into a cooler, high pressure liquid. Once the refrigerant is cooled and liquefied, it is then pumped back into the other arts of the air conditioning system.

If you are wondering where the A/c condenser is placed, it is just inside the engine compartment of your car and is usually in front of the radiator, unless otherwise there have been a modification made with your car and the A/C condenser is placed in another location for aerodynamic purposes, however, it can still be easily identified for it looks like a small radiator. For some front-wheel drive cars, the A/C condenser is cooled by one or more auxiliary fan replacing of the engine fan.

  • Closer Look at Volkswagen A/C Condenser

    With the great number of vintage and older model Volkswagens on the road today, it is clear that you have the potential to be driving yours for a good long time to come. However, there are several parts that you will probably have to replace over the lifetime of the vehicle, parts like your Volkswagen AC condenser that, as well made as they are, simply do not have the same degree of longevity as does that fine running Volkswagen engine. As the metal parts of your Volkswagen AC condenser begin to show the effects of the daily wear and tear that driving produces, leaks can form in the metal tubing that passes through the network of fins that serve to help dissipate the heat carried by the coolant as it passes through that tubing. The fins can break off, reducing the surface space available for the dissipation process. As the effects of time and age increase, the performance level of your Volkswagen AC condenser can gradually begin to decrease, making your air conditioning system less able to effectively cool the inside of your vehicle. We can provide you with a quality replacement for your original Volkswagen AC condenser, and we can do so at a price that is sure to compare well with what your local dealerships and automotive parts retailers are asking. You can count on the replacement Volkswagen AC condenser you receive from us to provide the same great service as the original did, and for just as long, if not longer, as we are supplied by some of the best names in the aftermarket automotive industries. You can order your new Volkswagen AC condenser either online or by dialing our toll-free telephone number to place your order directly with one of our capable customer service representatives.